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Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff believes in finding and treating the underlying cause of your disease, not just treating the symptoms. Removing these obstacles will trigger the bodies healing and regenerative abilities.

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What Our Patients say:

For Seven Years I was suffering from stomach problems, uncontrollable vomiting, sweating profusely, stinging skin, this would last from 6 hrs to 10 days, depending on the episode. Doctors were confused as to what it was, I had CAT scans, nuclear tests, blood tests, cameras down my throat, into my stomach. No Diagnosis, Just Misery! When I first came to Dr. Joy she said she could definitely help me. I was hopeful but skeptic. Since my first visit I have felt wonderful. Seven years of misery, 30 doctors later, in one week I feel 20 years younger, energy level higher, stomach feels great! Thank you so much Dr. Ostroff from myself and my family.

Karl C.

"I had been to many other doctors/specialists before and no one could ever help me...except for Dr. Ostroff. Within 5 minutes she helped me more than anyone had in my entire life. Within the first month of treatment I began to feel noticeably better and many of my symptoms subsided (anxiety for no reason, huge dark circles under my eyes, exhaustion, stomach pain/bloating, etc.). I have only been in treatment for a couple months and almost every symptom is gone and I feel better than I have in a very long time....I wish I had gone to her sooner. She changed my life and I have no doubt that she will change yours too. I only wish I had gone to her sooner..thank you Dr. Ostroff."

Jenny G.

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By Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff

Stressed Out?

Stressed out… OK, so admit it, we all get stressed out from time to time.  There are deadlines, traffic,  obligations we wish we didn’t need to fulfill and intermittent tsunami warnings.  Some of these conditions may warrant feeling stressed, however have you ever met someone who seems to be in a constant state of un-rest. …


Focusing on the Positive!


Is there a more natural way to treat constipation?

“The older I get, the more difficulty I have with constipation. I know this is making me feel sluggish, gain weight from impaction. I have been using teas and laxitives for temporary relief. Is there a more natural way?” It is correct to realize that the less well your elimination channels flow, the more toxic…


Breath: the foundation of health

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never thought about learning how to breathe. After all, our body does it automatically from the moment we’re born and the doctor slaps us on the back. But as we grow up, stress causes us to fall into a pattern of superficial, shallow breathing and our body gets…


On the road to health, start by letting go of fears

For many, the road to health can seem overwhelming. We usually know what we need to do – eat a healthier diet, drink more water, exercise more often – but we lack the energy or motivation to make those day-to-day changes in our lifestyle. Even people who are very disciplined in some aspect of their…


Stress, Fatigue and your Body

Stress, Fatigue and your Body The alarm sounds, you hit snooze, grunt, and finally stumble out of bed, desperately fumbling to turn on the coffee maker. Once caffeinated, you get yourself and/or your kids ready, pack the car, get into traffic. Work is stressful, then your back in traffic, getting kids to activities, rushing to…


Heartburn – Alternative Remedies

“I have been taking a variety of medications for heartburn and yet it has not resolved the condition. Will I need to take them forever?”   The problem with treating heartburn symptoms like yours with OTC or prescription medicines is that you are chasing symptoms rather than finding the cause of the problem. If we…