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Since 1989 Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff, a naturopathic physician in Honolulu Hawaii, has been providing her patients with a comprehensive natural healthcare system on Oahu that is safe, natural and effective. With her 33 years of experience in holistic medicine, naturopathic medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff has assisted thousands of Hawai’i residents discover optimal health & wellness.

As a naturopathic doctor on Oahu practicing naturopathic medicine, Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff believes in identifying and treating the underlying condition which may be leading to your dis-ease, rather than chase symptoms. Our goal for your health is to create balance, vitality, and restore the body’s healing capabilities.

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Success Stories

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Melasma – Sleeping Pills – Natural Recovery

*New patient. Came to Dr. Ostroff for melasma (hyper-pigmentation on my face). Already feeling more energized, and sleeping much better. I was taking prescription sleeping pills, Dr. asked me to get off of them and we would work on my sleep naturally. I'm sleeping...

Thyroid Issues

*I have been navigating thyroid issues for a little over 6 years, around 30 doctors, over 50 different types of medication and pills and within one week working with Dr. Joy I have felt better than I have in YEARS! My motivation is up, my energy is high and my genuine...

Severe Eczema

Aloha! *I'm not a review writing dude. I spend my time enjoying the time, instead of spending the time critiquing someone's business via Yelp public platform. I want to share our experience because it was life changing in many ways. A critique worthy of my time. My...

Dark Circles under my eyes, exhaustion, bloating.

*I had been to many other doctors/specialists before and no one could ever help me...except for Dr. Ostroff. Within 5 minutes she helped me more than anyone had in my entire life. Within the first month of treatment I began to feel noticeably better and many of my...

Chronic Illness

*I'm starting my new year off right with the center for natural healing! They have gotten me so far in 6 months. I went from 30 medications to 5 medications. I have not missed a day of work or life due to my chronic illness during this period of time. That is a huge...

Health back on track

*Dr Joy is a gifted Naturopathic/Holistic healer. She is intuitive, kind and so knowledgeable. I  worked in the Alternative Medicine field for years back in the states and was worried I'd have trouble finding a practitioner here. I am so impressed with Dr Joy and her...

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