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Since 1989 Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff has been providing her patients with a comprehensive healthcare system that is safe, natural and effective. With over 30 years of experience Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff has treated over 10,000 patients. Let’s get you on a path towards achieving Optimal Health!

Our Goal is to Get You Well & Keep You Well!

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff believes in identifying and treating the underlying condition which may be leading to your dis-ease, rather than chase symptoms. Our goal for your health is to create balance, vitality, and restore the bodies healing capabilities.

What our Patient’s Say:

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Gift Cards

Give the Gift of Health this Holiday Season! Do you know someone that is always giving to others, but needs to spend time to work on themselves? Health & Wellness is so vital to our daily lives, lets help other’s help themselves! At the Center for Natural Healing we are offering gift cards that you…


What to do with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition that persist for six months or more and may have a number of contributing factors from a chronic, undiagnosed viral condition to heavy metals, to food allergies and intolerances or even hormonal imbalance and adrenal fatigue. While less than 10% of Americans have CFS, over 80% of Americans report…


Naturopathic Medicine for Children and Newborns

Naturopathic Medicine for Children and Newborns Naturopathic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine focuses on preventing illness and achieving optimum health. Naturopathic physicians are trained and skilled in diagnosing and treating disease. Naturopathic pediatric care includes helping parents navigate through the important decisions and issues concerning giving their children the healthiest possible start in life, providing…


Rest is vital to allow healing and wellness.

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff discusses how taking the time to rest is an important part of healing and wellness. Watch this video:


EARLY CANCER DETECTION: What is Thermometry?

Breast cancer and breast health is on the minds of many women, and for good reason.  More women are diagnosed with breast cancer in America than any other cancer.  Fortunately, with proper treatment 89% of women had a five-year survival rate from 1999-2006 (National Cancer Institute).  Early detection is considered the most effective strategy in…


4 Astonishing Ways Acupuncture Can Improve Your Health

Acupuncture is as old as Chinese civilization itself. This amazing, 3000 years old pain-relieving method has been doing wonders even in our current age of tele-health and nano-medicine. America’s National Institute of Health has also recognized the importance of acupuncture in treating some troublesome and painful ailments. In this article, we will show you 4…


Uncover the mystery of why you are not feeling well!

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Candida Albicans

Do you, or anyone you know suffer from occasional, or frequent tiredness or fatigue, recurring yeast or urinary tract infections, digestive issues, sinus infections, skin or nail fungus, or joint pain? It seems like almost everyone who walks into my office experiences one or many of these symptoms as incidentals – meaning, not what they…


Vegfest Oahu 2019

Join us at Vegfest! We will have a booth and we look forward to discussing health, wellness and sustainability with everyone. VegFest O‘ahu is a celebration of island-style plant-based, sustainable living. The free festival brings together more than 50 booths offering education, food, and entertainment. Activities include: plant-based cooking demos by expert chefs; speakers on…


Naturopathic and Holistic Care for Your Maturing Teen

Raising a teenager in today’s world of uncertainties is challenging enough without the unnecessary worries and concerns with whether your child is healthy enough to endure the stress and demands of an uncertain future. Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff is sensitive to the physical and psychological pain and stress of teen acne, PMS, ADD, ADHD, moodiness,…

  • Michele P. Avatar
    Michele P.
    5 star rating
    7/18/2019 - Yelp

    During my visit in Hawaii I needed some urgent acupuncture. Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff took me in immediately for treatment she is an amazing and knowledgeable healer I haven't had this kind of service in a long time the next Time I'm in Hawaii I'll be visiting again thanks again to you and your amazing staff

    Amanda Tanner Avatar
    Amanda Tanner
    4/09/2019 - Google

    I have been seeing Dr. Joy since October of 2018. I had been seeing my regular doctor for a couple years with many health issues and with absolutely no resolve of my health. I was depressed, overweight, dealing with stomach problems, which were diagnosed as IBS, and I was always exhausted! I finally found the Center for natural healing and decided to give it a try. I was tired of not being heard by my doctors. At my first visit with Dr. Joy I was a little taken back at the cost for treatment but wanted to give it a try anyway. I had tried everything else at this point and just wanted to feel like myself again. Since I have started my healing with Dr. Joy I have lost 25 pounds! I feel happy again, I have energy, and my “IBS” is gone! The best Decision I have ever made was to invest in MYSELF! The wonderful and welcoming staff makes each visit better than the last. Dr. Joy is absolutely amazing and I can see how much she cares about the well being of her patients!

  • J P. Avatar
    J P.
    5 star rating
    2/14/2019 - Yelp

    Dr Joy and her team are so helpful and knowledgeable in healing the body on the holistic level. Dr Joy is awesome to help me heal my blood sugar, liver and aid in my sleeping remedies. My sleep was broken up to every 2 hours some nights. I feel completely different.

    Mar M. Avatar
    Mar M.
    5 star rating
    1/23/2019 - Yelp

    Dr Ostroff and staff are so wonderful and caring! After many years on western medicine, I wanted to find a different approach in helping him with his ADHD and constant allergies. It's been several weeks but with discipline in changing his diet and supplementing him with natural alternatives, my son's teacher has noticed a drastic improvement on his concentration. He has had no missing assignments yay! We are still working on fixing his allergies, but otherwise there has been such a drastic improvement with his ADHD. Thank you Dr Joy!