Our Goal is to Get You Well & Keep You Well!

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff believes in identifying and treating the underlying condition which may be leading to your dis-ease, rather than chase symptoms. Our goal for your health is to create balance, vitality, and restore the bodies healing capabilities.

What Our Patients say:

For Seven Years I was suffering from stomach problems, uncontrollable vomiting, sweating profusely, stinging skin, this would last from 6 hrs to 10 days, depending on the episode. Doctors were confused as to what it was, I had CAT scans, nuclear tests, blood tests, cameras down my throat, into my stomach. No Diagnosis, Just Misery! When I first came to Dr. Joy she said she could definitely help me. I was hopeful but skeptic. Since my first visit I have felt wonderful. Seven years of misery, 30 doctors later, in one week I feel 20 years younger, energy level higher, stomach feels great! Thank you so much Dr. Ostroff from myself and my family.

Karl C.

"I had been to many other doctors/specialists before and no one could ever help me...except for Dr. Ostroff. Within 5 minutes she helped me more than anyone had in my entire life. Within the first month of treatment I began to feel noticeably better and many of my symptoms subsided (anxiety for no reason, huge dark circles under my eyes, exhaustion, stomach pain/bloating, etc.). I have only been in treatment for a couple months and almost every symptom is gone and I feel better than I have in a very long time....I wish I had gone to her sooner. She changed my life and I have no doubt that she will change yours too. I only wish I had gone to her sooner..thank you Dr. Ostroff."

Jenny G.

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By Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff

Freedom from PMS Naturally

Freedom from PMS Naturally Millions of American women suffer from PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, a debilitating set of symptoms occurring 7-12 days prior to the start of menstruation, which interferes with the ability of many women to function normally both at work and at home. As prevalent and disruptive as PMS may be, it is a disorder often dismissed as one…


Family Health

Family Health It’s summer and everyone is home from school!  Yay!  What a great time to take advantage of the summer savings on a Family Health Plan!  True “Health Insurance” is knowing that your family is Healthy!  What better way to get the entire family healthy then by all being on the same page! Old habits are hard to break, especially…


Graceful Aging and Longevity

For both men and women, there is a marked shift that occurs to the body and mind as we transition from childbearing years into and through the golden years. Though I had my children in my 40’s and managed to take exceptional care of myself throughout most of my adult life, I noticed a radical…


Preserving Your Mental and Emotional Age 

Preserving Your Mental and Emotional Age If I told you that there was a way to prevent memory loss, dementia and aggressive, anti-social behavior, would you be interested in hearing more? There is a distinct correlation between the aging brain and the the natural decline of hormone function in the older adult.  These degenerative changes…


Alternatives to Detergents & Plastics

In this video Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff discusses Alternatives to Detergents & Plastics. How can we live more environmentally friendly?  For starters, use soaps and detergents without harsh chemicals that can be damaging to our bodies and skin. . Schedule your appointment with Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff today:  


Creating Self Awareness

  Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff discuss in this video how to create self awareness for your self. How controlling your state is beneficial to your health.     Schedule your appointment with Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff today:  


Stressed Out?

Stressed out… OK, so admit it, we all get stressed out from time to time.  There are deadlines, traffic,  obligations we wish we didn’t need to fulfill and intermittent tsunami warnings.  Some of these conditions may warrant feeling stressed, however have you ever met someone who seems to be in a constant state of un-rest. …