The Two Secrets of Proper Hydration


Did you know your body is composed of 75% water, just like the planet Earth? Your brain is 83% water, as is your blood. Water is crucial to every major physical process in your body. So you can imagine what happens when you get dehydrated! Drinking enough water – at least 64 ounces per day – can help alleviate a host of physical problems and is one of the core components of lasting health.

One of the most important things to understand about water intake is that dehydration causes your thirst receptors to stop functioning at full capacity.

Although I eat really healthy, it seems like I always have a lot of gas and bloating. Can you tell me why?

Although I eat healthy, it seems like I always have a lot of gas and bloating. Can you tell me why?

There are many causes of gas and bloating formation in the G.I. (gastrointestinal tract), and usually there is a combination of predisposing factors. Common causes include digestive insufficiency, or lack of one or more digestive enzymes, namely hydrochloric acid, pepsin, amylase, or lipase. Without adequate digestive enzymes there will be incomplete digestion, which may lead to fermentation or rotting – which is the opposite of good digestion.

A caution on excess vitamin D

Philadelphia Inquirer (PA) – A caution on excess vitamin D – November 16, 2011)

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked in recent years to dozens of conditions, from heart disease to psoriasis, and supplement sales have increased so fast you’d think they were magic pills. But too much of anything can be problematic, a point made Wednesday by researchers who have also found big benefits from the “sunshine vitamin.”

Are you at risk for Type II Diabetes?

Are you at risk for Type II Diabetes? You may be at risk for type II diabetes if you notice that you have slow-spreading brownish-red discolorations on the shins; skin tags, Dupuytren’s contractures, (tightening and thickening of tendons in the hands), or more obviously, excessive weight. Obesity is probably the most widely known symptom for…

Natural Hormones for Osteoporosis as you age

Natural Hormones for Osteoporosis as you Age By the time most men hit 70, they “catch up” with women and have just as much osteoporosis and as many bone fractures as women do, pointing to the reality that bone mineral density correlates positively with estradiol and testosterone, which naturally decline with age. This necessitates having…

Don’t forget your vitamins!

Vitamins! Eighty percent of asthmatic children have combinations of low levels of digestive enzymes, stomach acids , food allergies and digestive impairment. Additionally, the stomach, with it’s deficiencies, creates impaired vitamin B12 deficiency. These imbalances can all be treated systematically by your licensed naturopathic doctor, and corrected to alleviate the worries mothers, and prevent children…