Although I eat really healthily, it seems like I always have a lot of gas and bloating. Can you tell me why?

There are many causes of gas formation in the G.I. (gastrointestinal tract), and usually there is a combination of predisposing factors. Common causes include digestive insufficiency, or lack of one or more digestive enzymes, namely hydrochloric acid, pepsin, amylase, or lipase. Without adequate digestive enzymes there will be incomplete digestion, which may lead to fermentation or rotting – which is the opposite of good digestion.

Digestive Disorders: The Naturopathic Approach

Here is another Great Article from I would like to share. I often have patients that deal with Digestive Disorders and it is more common than you think. It is important to improve your digestion in order to improve your overall health. Read more below.. ~ Dr. Joy.   The Naturopathic Approach to Digestive…

New Patients

Aloha to Future Patients! Thank you so much for visiting “” I’d like to share a bit about what you can expect during your First Visit: At the Center for Natural Healing our lovely team will warmly welcome you and truly care for you, each and every time you come to see us. During your…


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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

“I’m so tired! Exhausted. Never enough rest. There’s no energy for anything. This headache doesn’t go away! I have no appetite. My muscles ache, joints hurt. My whole body hurts! It’s difficult for me to concentrate or remember things. I’m feeling so down right now. It’s frustrating that no one knows what’s wrong. Something’s wrong…