Breast Cancer: Who’s Really At Risk?

Breast Cancer: Who’s Really At Risk?

A recent headline in the New York Times read, “Breast Cancer Drugs Urged for Healthy High-Risk Women.” It immediately caught my attention and made me think, “wait a minute – healthy women are not high risk!” Unfortunately, the conventional medical establishment often becomes so focused on curing one specific disease that they forget that a true state of health comes about by treating the whole body and mind.

Avoiding Skin Cancer in Hawaii

Avoiding Skin Cancer in Hawaii:

Did you know that the highest incidence of serious skin cancers is right here in Hawaii? However, by taking certain simple skin care and dietary precautions, the risk of these cancers can be avoided or drastically reduced.

First, let me explain why Hawaii has the highest risk for skin cancer.

The U/V index- the measure of skin being exposed to the intensity of Ultra Violet rays- is the highest in the entire nation, both in winter and summer time.

The mountains, sea and sand reflect more U/V rays than any other geographical location. This predisposes the population to skin cancer and eye cataracts. In fact, the serious degenerative eye disease Polypoid Macular Degeneration is found only in the Hawaiian Islands.

Cancer Treatment Testimonial

*The question in my mind was, “Do I want to put a poison in my body like chemotherapy? Or do I want to try and heal myself naturally… and maybe cure myself or put myself in remission without poison?” In November 1994, I was diagnosed with low-grade lymphoma of the bone marrow. It was at…

Skin Care and Severe Eczema

Skincare for Children Suffering with Severe Eczema Yesterday I met with a lovely 15 year old boy and his mother.  The boy was very quiet at first yet happy to answer questions and communicate as time went on.  Once I got the gist of the situation with his severe eczema, and inquired if there was anything…

Making Friends with Fiber

Fiber Making Friends with Fiber: Fiber is a great food friend, because it helps keep your body’s system clean and running in tip-top shape. It also helps prevent a lot of different symptoms and diseases like constipation and cancer. What is Fiber? Fiber is in a class all by itself. It is a natural part…

D is for the Daylight Vitamin

3 ways to get enough Vitamin D: Vitamin D is unique among vitamins because it gets its start from the sun. When the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun hit your skin, it triggers a process that results in vitamin D for your body. Scientists agree that sunshine is the best way for you to…