BioCharger NG


BioCharger NG

The BioCharger NG is a subtle, energy revitalization platform that works to restore voltage within your body’s trillions of cells.

This technology is based on 25 years of research that is founded on 80 years of documented research from internationally acclaimed scientists, such as Nikola Tesla.

Our bodies run on voltage for energy and with our long working day-to-day schedules, mostly indoors, we are constantly depleting our energy and leaving little room to reintroduce these naturally occurring currents back to our body by being outside and exercising.

Your entire body is based on electrical circuits. Your nervous system all relies on being charged properly in order for neurotransmitters to be released in healthy levels, and also so that you make powerful synaptic connections between neurons.

Think of our body like a cell phone, when you use it all day long and don’t charge it, then it will fade out and lose its charge and eventually power. Essentially, this is what we are doing to our bodies every day when we work 9-5 jobs and spend little time outdoors (where these energies exist naturally).

We are shielded from PEMF’s (earth’s pulse, Schumman resonance), BioModulation (light), frequencies and harmonics (voltage- there are over 100 lightning strikes on the Earth’s surface/second).

This machine works by restoring energy in our cells. This increases your body’s ability to regenerate new, healthy cells by restoring your cellular voltage. This assists with:

Increasing the uptake of nutrients from your food

Boosting ATP (usable energy) production by supercharging mitochondria within cells.

Simultaneously doing so, your cells can detoxify properly from free radicals and oxidative stress when the right energy is present.

This helps with chronic inflammation and illness, pain, stiffness, fatigue, flexibility, and even elevates mood.

Benefits from the BioCharger NG can be instantly felt, as this subtle energy invigorates the entire body to optimize and improve health potential, wellness, and athletic performance.

BioCharger NG restores strength, stamina, coordination, and mental clarity.

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