The effects of electronics, 5G and our Health

Apr 6, 2020

Cell phones, personal computers and iPads have contributed to our lives in multitudes of ways.  However,  did you know that 5G is being introduced in our community?  These new networks generate radio frequency radiation that can damage DNA and lead to cancer; cause oxidative damage, premature aging, disruption to cell metabolism and potentiate the spread of virus – ie: yes, even the Corona virus.  Over the decades, there has been a correlation between the advent of sudden changes in the electromagnetic environment and the onset of major virus outbreaks.

Wireless telegraphy became an integral part of warfare on the ground, in the air, and at sea by 1918.  Wireless helped to make the war global.

Ironically, the quantum leap in the electrification of the earth exposed our biological systems to an increase in electromagnetic energy.  The most serious pandemic in the last century, now known as the Spanish influenza,  which was attributed to bird origin in 1918 – a pandemic influenza outbreak took out at least 50 million people worldwide.

In 1968, shortly after the launch of artificial satellites and space probes, there was an outbreak of pandemic proportion called the Hong Kong flu, also originating in China.

The origin of the word “virus” – is “slimy liquid poison” produced in the body as the result of disease.  In other words, the excretions of a poisoned or diseased cell.  Like always, our cells need to rid themselves of debris – that is the viral substance.  There is no question that electromagnetic forces have an effect on the cells in our bodies.  Yes we all want fast wifi, however, let’s be educated as to the adverse effects these EMF’s are having on our brains, our immune systems and our social interactions.

With so many schools, businesses and establishments shutting down, perhaps we all need to spend more time being “unplugged”.  I intend to get out into nature as much as possible, which is a good healthy alternative to being on or near electronics or epidemics.  None of us really know how this event will ultimately play out, who will get sick or how much money we will lose. The only thing we do know, is that if you are reading this blog, then it is a good day and there is reason to put on a smile and count all of your blessings – especially the non-material ones, for that is all we can really count on in the grand scheme.

Oh and btw, I will not close my door or my business.   I welcome you and your loved ones to visit.

Much love and prayers for the world to heal – quickly!

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