Alfa Thermo-Diagnostics: Early Detection of Disease

Jul 21, 2020

Alfa Thermo-Diagnostics: Early Detection of Disease

Hi Friends,

I want to share with you an example of how Alfathermodiagnostics has played an essential role in the discovery of disease, and the treatment plans for my patients.

I reviewed a thermodiagnostic report that I ordered for my patient – let’s call her Pat. On Pat’s report, we were able to see dysbiosis in her intestines (the accumulation of bad bacteria and fungus), lymphatic congestion, a small cyst in her left breast, and inhibited hepatic detoxification capability. Pat was 34 years old, had been on oral contraceptives for 16 years, originally for cramps, and hadn’t paid a great deal of attention to her diet up to the point of visiting with me.

With this new information we received from Pat’s thermodiagnostic reading, we decided to begin her treatment with a thorough detoxification and tissue cleansing program. I sent her for a breast ultrasound, where the cystic tumor was again identified. Pat very much wanted to have another baby and she was motivated and committed to healing her body without invasive treatment or surgery.

She opted to do a naturopathic protocol under my care, including hormonal balancing, liver, lymphatic and colon cleansing, nutrition and physical medicine. We followed up with another thermodiagnostic scan in six months, as well as a follow- up ultra sound. The results of both reports demonstrated that the tumor had shrunk to barely detectable size and the pain had completely subsided. Pat became pregnant one year later and nursed her baby to a healthy size.

Pat continues to follow a modified nutrition and natural remedy protocol, as it enabled her to have a healthy pregnancy and baby, plus she feels better than she did at 34 when she first visited with me. Pat has since had a mammogram, which was also clear of any suspicion.

In Pat’s case, preventive screening and treatment made it possible for her to fulfill her desire to have another baby, and live a happy, healthy life with her family.

Quite often patients share with me that they have wanted to come in for a long time, however they were scared of what we would discover about their health. They are also scared that the process of getting well will be too difficult. I understand this very well. It took me years to change my diet! The good news is that with a little bit of a deep dive into exploring what is at the root cause of your pain, stress, fatigue or weight gain, we can begin to make monumental progress in the direction of health with the most modest changes to your lifestyle. My philosophy is that if you do 2% better from week to week, you will experience profound progress over the long haul. I will coach and guide you through the difficult moments!

I am here to share my knowledge, skill and expertise to help you to have a fresh re-boot! What will your “new normal” look like?

For the month of July, at the Center for Natural Healing, we are offering $210 OFF your Initial AlfaThermodiagnostic Body Scan. Please do take advantage of the promotion this month and find peace of mind along with health & wellness for you and your family. We hope to see you soon!

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