Although I eat really healthy, it seems like I always have a lot of gas and bloating. Can you tell me why?

Jun 16, 2020

Although I eat healthy, it seems like I always have a lot of gas and bloating. Can you tell me why?

There are many causes of gas and bloating formation in the G.I. (gastrointestinal tract), and usually there is a combination of predisposing factors. Common causes include digestive insufficiency, or lack of one or more digestive enzymes, namely hydrochloric acid, pepsin, amylase, or lipase. Without adequate digestive enzymes there will be incomplete digestion, which may lead to fermentation or rotting – which is the opposite of good digestion.


Healthy digestion requires not only healthy choices but also eating in a way that supports proper digestion. Eating fruit after meals may also lead to bloating because when heavier foods are in the stomach and fruit enters the system, the heavier food blocks the passage of fruit, which is designed to digest rapidly. Once trapped, the fermentation begins. The gases represent fermentation of undigested food in combination with the waste products of the microbes (or “bad bugs” and parasites) that live in the gut. Consuming allergenic foods may also produce faulty bi-products of digestion and lead to a toxic gut.

Part of your comprehensive naturopathic evaluation and treatment will include assessment of your diet as well as the way in which you combine your foods, the sufficiency of enzymes and pro-biotics; and appropriate cleansing and detoxification to restore gastro-intestinal health and optimal, balanced energy.



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