Antiobiotic Resistance and our Microbiomes

Our bodies contain between 70 and 100 trillion cells.   You cannot count to that number in a lifetime.  Yet what is more shocking is that living amongst our vast cellular make up are at least twice as many microbes.  So imagine that there are 150 – 200 trillion live micro-organisms living within your body.  Just like our cells, each microbe is there to serve a function.  The functions range from assisting digestion, assimilation and elimination of waste to protecting our bodies immune functions and assisting with the eradication of toxins and clearing the bad bugs out of our body.  We take pro-biotic to feed and support the beneficial bacteria in aiding with digestion and immunity. However what happens when we have taken antibiotics over our lifetime once or several times, is that the microbial balance within our ever changing body is disrupted.  Not only do the antibiotics kill the bad bugs, they also destroy the good ones that we need.  The lining of our gut then becomes a breeding ground for fungus or candida overgrowth.  When the next bacterial invasion occurs, our body no longer has the protection it needs from the good bacterium, infection persists and creates an immune system incompetent to defend itself.   What is worse is when you have been on antibiotics and now they no longer kill the bugs because your body has become resistant.  All of this can be prevented by skipping the anti-biotics and going the route of naturopathic medicine where no resistance to antibiotics occurs, no fungal overgrowth occurs and where prevention is the cure.

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