What is Bio Identical Hormone treatment

What Are The Benefits Of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy And What Is It Used For?

Aug 21, 2020

Who is Bio-Identical Therapy For?

Who do you know that struggles with the hot flashes, weight gain, loss of libido, sleeplessness and irritability associated with changing hormonal patterns? These days, women and men, as young as 40, are challenged with these often abrupt changes to what used to seem like pretty decent health. What is more disturbing is that as our hormones decline with age, so does our muscle density, bone density, strength, endurance, natural cardio protection and our energy. Weight gain is often a bi-product of disrupted stress hormones. Weight loss can be done naturally with the proper bio-identical hormone replacement treatment.


Past Hormone Therapy For Women

In the old days, women were prescribed Premarin – which was made out of horse urine, to assist with women’s bio-identical hormone therapy – post menopause. The problem was that this medication had a variety of side effects, including cancer. Not a good thing to learn after taking something you trusted for decades. The good news is that Naturopathic Doctors have been trained and licensed to prescribe natural, bio-identical hormone replacement remedies for women and men going through the change of life.

Having a Doctor Specialize in Natural Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

What you can expect when you visit the Center for Natural Healing in Hawaii, is that you will have a private consultation with yours truly, Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff, receive specialized hormone testing that will identify which hormones are present, which are lacking and how these hormones are being metabolized in your body. We will learn about all of your hormones. Reproductive hormones including Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone; metabolic hormones – including thyroid and antibodies to thyroid which may be affecting your energy, sleep, and your stress hormones. While we gather the relevant information about your endocrine system, we will be strengthening your overall health, including your digestive health, your cardiovascular health, your emotional health and your immune system. You will feel better before your test results are returned for our review.

Our Treatment Options

Once we analyze your test results we will fine tune and decide what bio-identical therapy treatment options are best for you with the purest, most subtle, yet powerful natural bio-identical hormones that fill the gaps to make you feel lovely and strong again.

IMAGINE how nice it will feel when you have your sex appeal back again and for men, let’s get that MOJO going. It is never too late to feel good – possibly better than you have felt in 10 years!
That is what you can expect!  I am committed to your RESULTS!

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