artificial sweeteners and gut health

Can Artificial Sweeteners Ruin Your Gut Health and Weight Loss?

Mar 1, 2022

Are Artificial Sweeteners Worse Than Sugar?

While one might think they can fool their body by consuming an artificial sweetener, saving on the calories that might be laden in the sugared version of the same food or drink, there is no way to tamper with Mother Nature without experiencing a side effect in doing so. When consuming artificial sweeteners, exercise caution as prolonged consumption may lead to detrimental health side effects.

Artificial Sweetener Side Effects. Are They Bad for You?

Beginning in the 1970’s when the artificial sweetener saccharin was linked to bladder cancer in lab rats, researchers have discovered evidence of this and other fake sugars, to have deleterious side effects including diabetes, depression, headaches, cancer risk, increased appetite, increased sugar cravings and disruption in gut bacteria or the microbiome.

These unnatural substances including saccharin, aspartame and Sucralose are chemically manufactured, up to 1000x sweeter than sugar and may confuse the consumer with a sweet taste minus the calories, that it is safe to eat more causing weight gain and obesity.

Alternatives to Artificial Sweeteners

Healthy sugars are found in fruit, and are best consumed in their whole, organic form. The most effective way to decrease a sweet tooth is to consume a balanced diet rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals and combine your foods properly, chewing slowly to allow maximum absorption of the nutrients into your cells.

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