Why’s eating organic is better

Why Choose Organic? The Importance of Eating Organic

Jun 15, 2022

After what our world went through over the last two years with the pandemic and everyone worried about their health, there is no better time to learn the many reasons that eating organic food is a safer, healthier, and tastier option.

However, consumers are wanting to know why organic is a better choice than conventional products. I will give you a quick summary of the most important reasons.

Why Eat Organic? Here’s Why Organic is Better

Eating organic foods reduces the number of chemicals in your diet, particularly pesticides and herbicides.  These nasty chemicals can be harmful in a number of ways.  There is an increased risk of allergies, asthma, and dementia and these chemicals are potentially carcinogenic or cancer-causing.
Eating organic is the best way to avoid GMO food, unknown synthetic agents, and contamination.
Organic food contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  It tastes good in its most natural state.  There is a higher nutrient value in organic food.  There are more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrients than conventionally raised food.   You will get more bang for your buck, so to speak.
A study done in 2019 by Public Health Nutrition,  on dairy products revealed that there were antibiotics detected in 60% of conventional milk.  Organic milk had none.
In 2001, a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found significantly more Vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium, and Phosphorus and fewer nitrates than the alternatively grown ones.
A ten-year comparison of tomatoes, conducted at UC Davis in 2008, found that organic tomatoes have double the concentration of beneficial flavonoids, such as quercitin than nonorganic tomatoes.
In 2014 a study done by the British Journal of Nutrition found that organic crops had higher antioxidants, flavonoids, and other cell-protective properties.
Growing organic food is healthier for the soil and the environment.  Less toxic contamination.
Still not convinced that eating organic is the way to go?  Go ahead and taste the difference.  The colors and flavors will pop in your mouth giving your palate an orgasmic burst of flavor, texture, and taste.
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