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Conceive, Believe, Achieve! Heal Yourself with Your Mind!

Sep 9, 2020

How Does A Spontaneous Remission Happen?
Has anyone ever wondered how spontaneous remissions occur? You know the people who go up on stage in a wheelchair and then walk off the stage? What about the people in our own lives who overcome cancer, or restore their health when they learn that they are headed toward a debilitating disease or are near death. What do these people have in common that those who don’t heal don’t possess?

The Science Behind Natural Spontaneous Remission and Healing

Dr. Joe Dispenza, a brilliant researcher and international lecturer studies how the human brain can be re-wired for self healing and manifesting that which you wish to create. I learned beginning in 1979 by studying Louise Hay and through my intensive training with PSI seminars, that what we believe, we can achieve.
When I interview a patient who has extreme anxiety about all that is “wrong” with her and what she “might” have or get, I quickly learn that the mental programs or continuous thoughts this patient has about her disabilities keep her in a stuck pattern of dis-ease and anxiety. This morning a patient told me that two different military psychologists recommended that her first hour of the morning be her “worry hour”. I had to ask her to repeat that three times as I could not even conceive of someone giving that kind of advice. The outcome of her years of focusing on her problems first thing upon wakening was her failing health.

My Patient’s & My Personal Experience With Natural Healing

Over my 30 years in private practice, I have seen patients heal their body’s with such efficiency, following simple protocols that begin with believing that true healing for them is possible. I was one of those patients. When I was told I had a fatal liver disease and couldn’t get insurance the first thought in my mind was “I got this, I will heal myself and you will see me again”. Sure a flash of fear entered my psyche, however I did not let that thought linger.
I have taught and trained my children and patients how to rapidly reverse their decades of poor health and the results speak for themselves. We must first conceive that there is possibility. We must believe that we are capable.  Only then will we do the work to create our desired outcome.

How Fear And Anxiety Affect The Body As A Whole

Fear has been described as false evidence appearing real. Very little out there is certain, particularly in this season of Covid. One thing that is for sure though, is that if you spend your life in fear, your cells will become compromised.  Another thing that is for sure based on my 16 years of higher education and 30 years as a physician, is that if you eat poorly, drink a bunch of alcohol and get inadequate sleep, your immune system will become compromised eventually if it isn’t already.
My very best friend in the whole world came to see me today. She was devastated that she had a cold sore on her lip. What is a cold sore? A virus. As I typically would, I asked her what she has been eating and she replied “a ton of candy”. Sugar lowers and weakens the immune system dramatically. The good news is that I have remedies in my dispensary to attack virus’s and to enhance cellular immunity; for all kinds of virus’s.  I also told her not to eat candy. Maybe this incident will be a turning point for her. I have a strong feeling it will.
Being responsible for your thoughts, words and behaviors will set you up for a life of success that will parallel your deepest desires.

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