Depression through COVID-19?

May 6, 2020

Hi my Favorite People,

Thank you for reading this.  I’m going to share with you an experience that I have been having on days (like today), that my office is “closed” – due to Covid.   I wonder if anyone has noticed anything similar.

I sat down early this morning at my computer.  I had a list of items to complete. Interestingly, I found myself checking emails first as if that was urgently more important than my own tasks.  The good news is that I completed my list, however by 3-4 o’clock in the afternoon, it took a call from a friend to help me realize how inertia had set in and how addicted I had become to the computer and all of it’s distraction. I felt like I had become glued to my ergonomically correct chair -not entirely erect the whole time I admit.  It was a state of sheer and utter imbalance.   What was the hint?  The words and energy I was speaking was neither uplifting, nor inspiring, rather a regurgitation of all I had been reading and reacting to during the 6-7 hours at the computer.   Attitudes included!

I had indeed been BOMB-barded with gossip, stories, opinions, and issues that tend to generate elevated levels of cortisol in the bloodstream.  I had not released my very own, precious endorphins into my cells to make me feel good!

It actually took almost another 45 minutes upon realizing this, to actually get up and get on my bike – something I really didn’t want to do, and get into the neighborhood, breath fresh air – and NO, I did not wear a mask.  My energy started to become generated from the inside so much so that I took a few small hills and then flew down them (ok I was hovering if not slightly gripping the back break),  I was having fun.

I consciously did not take my phone.  It is a huge part of the electronics addiction.  Though, I thought about it.

Think about how ironic it is that we are being instructed to restrict our breathing by wearing a mask that even if it is a new one from today, has millions of microscopic bacteria in it, that you are holding close to your own sinus and respiratory tract, rather than breathing fresh air.  Especially outside – in HAWAII.  Friends – we need air.   We also benefit by making eye contact, however, because everyone looks like a hoodlum, no one wants to acknowledge each other’s existence.  It is no wonder we are on our electronics!  (I speak for myself of course.)

At one point today, when I did take a break to eat, take my supplements and clean the kitchen, I wondered if I was becoming a bit depressed.

HELLO………Anybody who sits all day is going to feel a little depressed.  We have been taking up minimal space in our vast universe and looking DOWN, reading and reacting to the thoughts and highlights of others’ lives.  As if ours is less important!

The problem is, it has become our way of life.  Face it, I need to start an “Electronics Anonymous” Club – (my son Aaron came up with the concept while I was sharing with him my saga.)

How do we solve this? SOLUTION…I am glad you asked, as I intend to share a few ideas below:

1) HUMMING –  Nitrous Oxide is produced and released into the sinuses when we hum.  Yes humming is an excellent remedy for both chronic sinusitis and depression.  It is hard to be sad when we hum; and the release of nitrous oxide destroys harmful microbes in the nasal passages. (Please don’t hum a sad song though.)

2) EXERCISE – Endorphins are our happy hormones.  Yes you may do any kind of activity that increases blood flow and uses any of your muscles.  (hopefully more than just the fingers, i.e.: typing on a keyboard)

3) FRESH AIR – We need it!

4) WHEN HUNGRY – Eat foods from the earth, not from the factory.

5) JOURNAL –  Journal in a notebook with an actual pen and paper.  For an added challenge, practice good handwriting.

6) WRITE A LIST – of everything that you like about yourself.

7) WRITE A LIST – About what is good in your life.

8) STAY TRUE TO YOUR NATURAL CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS – Go to bed as close to 10 p.m. as possible and get up – to meditate, of course – at or around 6-7:00 a.m.

9) HAVE A PLAN FOR YOUR DAY. – Routines and schedules are important for us to maintain our livelihoods in a consistent and healthy way.

10) MAKE EYE CONTACT. – We are all going through our souls’ journey.  Be willing to share yourself with others.  Find people you trust and practice speaking your truth as well as counting your blessings together.

11) PRAY! –  Show gratitude for all you are, all you do, and all you have.

12) FIND A GOOD NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR – one who can assist you in moving forward in your life, encouraging accountability, and helping you to overcome pain (whether emotional, mental or physical) and resistance to healing and finding wholeness.  We are all in this together.  We may as well share our journeys.   They are all so interesting.

I am Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff and I wish to inspire you to make a difference for yourself, our world, and our universe; by sharing the very best of yourself with you, with me and with everyone you encounter.

Much love and Aloha,

Dr. Joy


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