are fad diets good for weight loss

Are Diet Fads Good for Weight Loss? Are They Healthy?

Jan 24, 2022

Fad Diets Are Healthy Ways to Lose Weight? Fact or Myth?

A good proportion of the overweight patients that I have worked with over the decades, have come in declaring “I have tried everything!” Then they begin to outline all of the “Fad” diets, such as the Keto diet, HCG, Atkins diet, Paleo diet, the zone diet, the low carb diet, the high fat diet Jenny Craig, South Beach, North Beach and and the list goes on. These fad diets often are unhealthy nor and they are sustainable

Are Fads Effective at Weight Loss And Are Fad Diets Healthy

The typical follow up to this declaration is this…”it worked for a while, but….”. There is always a “but”. The “but” usually revolves around the sustainability, practicality and health aspect of the regime of the month.
Most of these “fad diets” are highly restrictive in nutrients that may be necessary and beneficial. These fad diets cannot be done extensively for health reasons, as they may cause organ and muscle breakdown and weakening.

There is not a one stop shop or one size fits all diet that will suit every body. In fact, just as there are differences in people’s body shape and size, there are corresponding differences in the way each body needs to eat to achieve good health and ideal weight. So to answer the question, fad diets are not effective at long term weight loss nor are they healthy.

Stop The Fad Diet and Try This Instead

In fact, the only diet that really works is that diet that addresses the mental and emotional components of one’s health, the lifestyle of the individual, the metabolic challenges of the organs, the cellular metabolism, the liver function, the hormones and the complete individuality of the person wishing to be slimmer.
For information on how you may find your ideal weight, ideal health and ideal life, please consult our office.

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