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How your Digestive Health may be Slowing you Down and How to Treat it.

My Introduction to becoming a Digestive Health Specialist

Before becoming an expert in treating patients with digestive health and gastro intestinal issues, I was doing my preceptorship at the Naturopathic Clinic as a clinician in training, I vividly recall performing a practical exam under the supervision of my clinic advisor. The skill I was being graded on was spinal alignment for the cervical spine.  I went in and came out all cocky and self assured, thinking that I had done a stellar job. Andy, the supervisor said “it was ok”. I disheartedly said “just ok?” He said “Yes, when it is great, I will tell you”. Well just like with some of the other subjects that I wasn’t acing like biochemistry and organic chemistry, from the beginning, I made it my mission to learn and execute those skills with excellence. That drive carried on until today where I have treated hundreds of people that had digestive health complications

I was ultimately grateful for the opportunity and feedback I needed to grow from being ok, to good, to skillful and competent; as that has been a mandatory requirement for me in order to have the thriving healing center I intended to create. Needless to say I learned well and yes, there is a big difference between acceptable and competent.

In life, the important things require a great deal more focus and energy for mastery or even above just “getting by”.  How many times have your heard or said “I’m hanging in there” ?

That is not a very stable place from which to execute the tasks of life.

My Experience with Patients and Digestive Health Services

The primary concern that 90% of my patients present with has some relationship to their digestive health. In fact, what 100% of my patients have in common likely originated with something affecting their guts and digestive system. Some foods improve digestive health while some foods can damage your gastro intestinal health. Fruits like apples, papayas, and apricots can really improve your digestive health.

I have a feeling that I attract these people to me because that was my primary problem from birth. Because my Mamma passed during my early infancy I was not breast fed. I was fed either high fat formulas, dairy products or G-d knows what. I had to have surgery on my gut at age two. I had 25 years of consecutive stomach aches thereafter. I was chubby but not a happy camper.

What is my point? I had to become a living expert in the field of gastro-intestinal health in order to be well enough to guide my patients. I did the same thing with PMS, depression and chronic fatigue. I had ALL of these plagues, and now I am thankful to say I have radiant health. I have had one short term stomach ache that I can remember in the last 10 years, maybe 20, if not 30.

Recovering from Poor Digestive Health

Imagine your life without pain, bloating, constipation or PMS!!! How much time would be freed up for you to focus on important things if your aches and pains were gone. How much happier could you be?

If you have watched some of our video patient testimonials that can be seen here, you will see that what patients expect and receive under my care are RESULTS – fast results.  On day one of your care with me, I will identify the causes of your symptoms and conditions and give you the tools, remedies and instructions you need to correct the imbalances to your micro biome, or intestinal micro flora. These changes will set you up for success.

There is a hierarchy of healing. It is difficult to sustain balance in your mood, hormones or nervous system until your physical body, and primarily your digestive system is unencumbered. Let’s create results for you. I am ready when you are.

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