why is fast food unhealthy

Why is Fast Food Bad and Unhealthy? The Dangers of Fast Food

Feb 21, 2022

Is Fast Food Unhealthy?

Let’s talk about fast food. Yes it’s fast. Yes, it can be tasty. In fact, it is so tasty that one’s taste buds may become distorted to under-appreciate the subtleties of natural foods like an apple or a pear. It’s like once a young child is exposed to an electronic device, the simple joys of a book or bucket and shovel seem boring. Fast food works in similar ways.

However there are so many other reasons why eating “fast food” is a poor choice. For example, something so quick and easy and filled with flavor due to the excessive salt and flavor enhancers can make you lose interest in cooking altogether and fall victim to the ease and comfort of the “Jack in the box” or the “junk in the bag”. Habits like this can be unhealthy and even dangerous to your health.

Why Fast Food Is Bad For You

The sad outcome of such an accessible luxury will be seen in your skin, mood, energy and motivation. Think about your teenager. What happened to him when he started eating out with his friends? My kid got acne, depression and lethargy. Once he put two and two together, he was in a better position to make better choices.

Fast foods filled with sodium can cause headaches, swelling and inflammation. Empty calorie carbs like breads, chips, hamburger buns and French fries can cause acne due to the combination of fried oil and grease plus the yeast in the products. Eventually depression sets in, combined with low energy and reduced zest for life. Fast food and junk food can be detrimental to one’s health because of that.

Why Fast Food Is Bad…

Over the long term, the carbs and sugar may cause dental cavities, while reducing tooth enamel. Heart attack, stroke, increased cholesterol and high blood pressure, as well as shortness of breath and obesity are sure down the line with excessive intake of these high caloric, high fat, high sugar, low nutrient foods… foods similar to those that you can find at any fast food chain.

Fast foods are heavily processed and filled with ingredients that most scientists wouldn’t even recognize the names of. Chemicals, preservatives, fillers, colors and artificial flavors galore make them a risky choice.  All these risk factors combined can cause insulin resistance and lead to diabetes, bloating, puffiness and a junky life.

Remember, what goes in, must come out. One way or another, your body will display externally what you feed it, whether through your pores, body odor, excessive sweat, gas, fat or just feeling blah.

Now, how about a trip down the produce aisle?

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