5 steps for stopping anxiety naturally

How to Get Rid Of ANXIETY, Naturally.

Sit Back and Relax. Such a natural invitation. Why then, do so many people have a hard time responding accordingly? What is that stress that you sometimes feel in your nervous system? Why are we not walking around in a state of ease and relaxation?

Stopping Your Anxiety From Within

If you write down a list of reasons to justify the anxiety you feel, you most certainly will be right. There are so many things that remove us from our bliss.

However, if you carefully analyze each item on your list, and break it down thoroughly, you will likely realize that none of those things really justifies you to succumb to a state of uncontrolled emotional disarray.

When you finish reading this blog, I invite you to shut the computer or put down and turn off your phone – for just five minutes. That seems like a long time, doesn’t it? Just try it.

Stopping Anxiety Naturally Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Close your eyes and sit back and really let yourself relax.

Step 2: Place a slight upward curve to your lips

Step 3: Breath in deeply through your nose, and out slowly, also through your nose.

Step 4: See how long you can enjoy the bliss of freedom. There is nothing you need to do, no where you really need to go. All is well. The only pressure that you have in this moment is the pressure you are putting on yourself.

Step 5: Release yourself from that bondage. Practice daily; before you rise, spend five minutes getting yourself into a state of relaxed, peaceful bliss!

I’d love to know how it feels for you when you make the shift, even once!!!!


Dr. Joy

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