For both men and women, there is a marked shift that occurs to the body and mind as we transition from childbearing years into and through the golden years. Though I had my children in my 40’s and managed to take exceptional care of myself throughout most of my adult life, I noticed a radical change in how my body performed once I reached 50.


I will share with you what I have found to be most useful for maintaining healthy physiologic, neurologic, structural, and cellular health.

It may be of interest for you to know that up until we are 35 years old, there is an ongoing regeneration of bone and other tissues. At age 35, the reverse occurs.. From age 35, bones slowly begin to degenerate losing their strength and placing elderly at risk of osteoporosis.

This bone decline also occurs as the result of decreases in hormone production. Estrogen production is significantly diminished in women and testosterone for men. Other hormones that diminish are progesterone, cortisol, DHEA, and thyroid. The diminution of hormones also predisposes us to forgetfulness, irritability, the inability to regulate our body temperature, depression, anxiety and low energy.

If we wish to keep up with these changes which reduce the overall quality of our lives as we age, we must check our individual hormone profiles in addition to furnishing our bodies with the highest quality of nutrients and natural remedies for a healthy mind, strong heart, clear vessels, a healthy gut flora, good digestion, and balanced energy.

Please bear in mind that the protocols for graceful aging and longevity will vary among individuals and will differ greatly from the standard recommendations given by your MD. Though naturopathic medicine can restore health and balance, there will never be any negative side effects or interferences with other substances if provided by me. The only side effect is excellent health if recommendations are followed.

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