naturopathic breathing techniques

The Healing Breathing Techniques Explained by Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff (Tutorial)

Nov 13, 2020

The Breathing Techniques I use to Heal my Patients Naturally

Good morning I’m doctor Diana Joy Ostroff and today I would like to share with you what I shared with a patient who came in this morning and he was having problems breathing. My patient explained that he was not able to get a full breath. He was referred to me by his wife who used to work for me. 

That was really exciting, and she sent him in for fathers day…otherwise he had would not have came. He was a military guy in his thirties, he has kids ,but anyway this is what I said I first had him: relax, you can do it with me, I had him close his eyes and put his hands together. The right hand on top and left hand under the right. I had him begin to breathe and the way I asked him to do this is by expanding his chest from front to back.

I said this because when he is taking a inhalation I encouraged him not to bring his shoulders up but, rather to expand through his ribcage, through his chest, through his lungs and you can do it with me. We’ll do it a few times together since we are here, close your eyes and breathe in through your rib cage, through your lungs, breathe out and compress the lungs. Press your breath out and keep doing it, let’s do it a few more times. Just for practice, breathe in and breathe out, breathe in and breathe out, slowly, slowly, slowly, as you get comfortable breathing deeply in your lungs through your nose, you can start to slow your exhalation as if you had one tank of air on your back. Imagine this tank had to get you all the way across the ocean. Breathing in, breathing out, a small smile always helps… think of someone who makes you happy, put a little smile on your face and breathe throughout your day and make it a good one!


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