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How to Cope With Anxiety Naturally

Jan 7, 2021

Addressing the Prevalence of Individuals Experiencing Anxiety

The year 2020 created a good deal of upheaval and havoc amongst populations nationwide and beyond. I treated more patients with anxiety this year than ever before, and I continue to be grateful and feel immensely blessed to have the knowledge, skills and experience to be able to support even my most challenging and disheartened patients in their times of need, despair and intense anxiety and depressive states.

The most common phenomenon that I observe amongst patients who are anxious is that their breathing is shallow. Often times, these patients are focused on their cell phones, their stories about how they feel and have been feeling, the circumstances leading up to their distress and what others think, say, post and do. They may be sitting hunched over, legs crossed and focused downward; eye contact may be difficult for them.

How I Treat Patients Experiencing Anxiety

I first recommend and teach my patients how to sit quietly or lie down calmly and I assist them through a relaxing meditative journey employing deep breathing and letting thoughts be released and relaxed. The switch from anxiety to calm can happen in minutes, however I remind the individual to continue to practice the breathing throughout the day and night, whenever they feel agitated or become aware that they are breathing shallowly. I also incorporate herbal, nutritional and physical medicine to enable the nervous system to heal and transform back to a healthy state.

The food you eat, the amount and quality of the water you drink, and the thoughts you think will create your state of health, or lack thereof. There are multitudes of natural nerve remedies as well as natural anti-depression remedies. Some of the most popular are lavender, CBD, skullcap, magnolia, kava, hypericum and schisandra. You may wish to experiment with one or more of these herbs. However for best results, make your health and your nervous system a priority and reach out to me, or your most cooperative doctor, who truly cares for you, and learn why your body may be out of balance, in terms of catecholamines, neuropeptides and other brain chemicals.

So What Really is Anxiety?

Anxiety and depression are treatable conditions that DO NOT require pharmaceutical medicine once the body and brain are in good health. Let’s do this. Your happiness and well being depend on you making the most suitable choices for yourself.

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