What Is Our Human Capacity for Living Fully?

What is our human capacity for living fully? In yoga, I was taught that we only have a limited amount of breaths in this lifetime and then we expire when we run out. I don’t know if that is true. I think we can increase the amount of breaths that we have by using our conscious mind to program ourselves, if more breaths becomes a desire for us.  It is an arguable point as is the discussion of destiny and free choice. In Judaism, the Torah teaches that our lives are pre-determined AND that our free choice, which is what sets us apart as a species, will impact the quality of our destiny.

Slowing down our breathing is one way to increase the duration of our human experience as well as relax our cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Deep Intentional Breathing

My boys came home for Thanksgiving this year, as they usually do. We had such a beautiful Thanksgiving feast of food and dear ones. In the days that followed, I took the opportunity to connect deeply with each of them independently and was reminded how the years 18 and 19 for a teen can be stressful years. I reflected on the insecurities I experienced at these ages and beyond, and taught each of them some of the deep breathing exercises that I learned over the years. They were resistant to some extent, as many teens and adults don’t consider the need or think they have time to focus on their breathing, however they humored me and gave it a go.

How did I know that they needed this reminder? Because I also need the reminder – regularly to take long, slow intentional breaths as I allow my body to relax completely. In fact, when I get good at it, I am able to have deeper, more restful sleep!

Thinking of Our Last Breaths

One may argue that our creator ultimately controls and decides when and how we take our last breaths, however if we are indeed one with our divine creator, then I think co-creation is in order.

I often suggest to my patients to visualize their last days and imagine the experience in vivid detail. Where do you want to be on your last day? At home resting with your loved ones or hooked up to tubes in the cold hospital feeling scared and pensive? I have mentally decided that if I do indeed have any say in the matter, I would like to live until my highest self lets me know that I have reached my highest pinnacle of love, consciousness, acceptance, grace and divine gratitude for the life of which I have been richly blessed.

NAMASTE and so much LOVE – The Divine in me acknowledges, respects and Honors the Divine in You!

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