The Importance of a Healthy Water Source: Kangen Water

Hi Friends,
I’m Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff and as many of you know, I am a Naturopathic Physician, 30 years in my profession and I am extremely interested in the health of my patients and of this amazing planet.
Today I want to share with you information about water.  Water is the #1 most imperative nutrient we will ever need for our survival.
Water is not optional.  Water is mandatory for all of our 70-150 trillion cells to survive and thrive.
If I asked you to consider how much water you drink each day, I wonder what your answer would be.  If it is “not enough”, you are not alone.  90% of the new patients to whom I ask that question, say…”not enough”.  The answers vary, but needless to say, it is one of the key factors lacking in most peoples regimen.
I also wasn’t drinking enough for a variety of reasons – didn’t like tap, didn’t like buying bottled waters, or just wasn’t in the best habits.
All of that changed when I was introduced to this amazing piece of equipment – the SD-501 Kangen Water Machine.  This equipment was installed into my kitchen in 15 minutes about 10 years ago.  I have had no excuses about drinking adequate water since.
It is so easy to operate.   To turn it on, just press the START tab.
The machine has a variety of settings. When you turn on the faucet  you can have a spray, a stream capability, or once I adjust the lever on my faucet, the machine diverts the water into the unit giving me pure, filtered, ionized, alkaline water in a variety of pH levels to choose from depending on what I need.
How it works is: from the tap, the water goes through a double carbon, antibacterial filter where it is sterilized to clean out the impurities, after that, the water is going to go through seven platinum coated, titanium plates where the water is charged and split into ionic components.  The alkaline water is going to come out the main spout for drinking water,  and the acidic residual water will come out of the hose which drains down the sink.
As you can see here, the unit makes 3 different levels of water, 8.5, 9.0, and 9.5.  We suggest drinking 8.5 when you first get your equipment, and then gradually begin drinking 9.0 and finally 9.5 after your body has time to adjust to the detoxification that will begin to occur in your body when you begin to drink alkaline water.
Now for the benefits of the water:
The water hydrates your brain in 30 seconds.  The water is micro-clustered, meaning it goes into all the cells of the body, hydrating each and every cell.   You may experience a brief head rush which will go away in a few minutes the first time you drink it.
Secondly, you body will begin to detoxify so you may have an increase in rest room use for the first few days.
Next, you will sleep better, because the water hydrates your brain; your brain produces melatonin and the melatonin will help you sleep.
The last side effect is that your energy will sky-rocket.  The ionized water allows your body to produce Seratonin, and Seratonin makes you feel happier and have more energy.
Those are the four side effects.  All positive side effects!
What I do and my patients now do too, is to fill up recyclable bottles with the kangen water so that you can take it with you when you go to work, meetings, the gym or to the beach.  It is great for the environment, because you will minimize plastic containers ending up in the middle of the ocean.
The clean water is neutral water, or pH 7.   If you or someone wants to drink purified water that is not alkalinized for maximum absorption, that is an option.
The next level, pH 5.5 is Beauty Water.  The pH of your skin is 5.5 The unit produces  water of this pH which can be used and feels like a facial toner.  When you spray it on your skin, your skin sucks the water into it, hydrating your pores and toning your skin.  Facial toners at stores can run $30 – $60 dollars for a one to two ounce bottle.  When you have your own Kangen water machine you will have access to all the facial toner you could ever want.  Sometimes I even wash my face with it.
The orange button produces the two final waters, one is strong acidic water, which comes out of the lower hose, it is 2.5 pH.  Simultaneously, the water that has been split out from the top faucet is strong alkaline water, pH 11.5.
When you rinse your produce with this strong alkaline water (pH 11.5), it will remove the oil based pesticides, germicides and insecticides,  cleaning it thoroughly.  Because of its cleaning power, it can be used to clean stains off your carpets, by emulsifying oil and allowing their release.   This water  leaves your kitchen counters, stainless steel  and other surfaces clean and sanitized – saving you money on cleaning products.
The pH 2.5 water has the ability to remove microbes from your counters in about 30 seconds – salmonella, e.coli, staph, mold, fungus.  It is a great disinfectant.  You can even use the water for skin rashes including MRSA, PSORIASIS, ATHLETES FOOT, TOE FUNGUS.  In Asia, this water is being used to disinfect hospitals and can also be used on your pets.  You can also use the strong acid water to disinfect your hands, never needing to buy hand sanitizer again. It gets rid of 99% of bacteria.
You Kangen water machines are built to last 25+ years, it is self cleaning, requiring minimal MAINTENANCE.  This is the most important piece of equipment I have in my kitchen and I can’t wait to learn how much you are going to benefit from and love yours!

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