Is there a more natural way to treat constipation?

Apr 3, 2019

“The older I get, the more difficulty I have with constipation. I know this is making me feel sluggish, gain weight from impaction. I have been using teas and laxitives for temporary relief. Is there a more natural way?”

It is correct to realize that the less well your elimination channels flow, the more toxic your system will become. I recommend you find a high quality pro-biotic, that is prescribed by you by a trusted physician specializing in detoxification and holistic health, and I recommend that you ensure the quality of this and all other medicinal substances, both natural and chemical using whatever bio-dermal testing equipment they have available.

Additionally, please ensure that you are consuming adequate water and high fiber foods that your body tolerates well. This can also be determined by simple evaluation and testing, by a physician who specializes in healthy bowel function. Healthy bowel activity is after each full meal or minimum of one time per day if you consume very small portions. Never less than that as the accumulated waste will attract parasites and bacteria in your gut and cause gas and bloating.

Do you suffer from constipation, sluggishness, weight gain, gas and bloating? Dr. Ostroff recognizes that your well-being depends on your elimination channels being optimally functional. In fact, for most health and energy conditions, this is the first line of defense attended to, to ensure toxic build up does not occur. We have found that by tending to digestive health, joint pain, achiness, irritability, hot flashes, PMS, gastric reflux and uncomfortable feelings in the gut vanish for good.


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