Keep Hydrated!

Apr 1, 2020

When it comes to our health and lives, I think we can see the importance of keeping ourselves well, all year long, taking preventive methods serious and keeping ourselves, our mucous membranes, our oral health, and hydration seriously rather than taking them for granted. Bacteria breeds in our mouth and all the way along our digestive system, on our toothbrushes and is often reflected in our breath and the health of our internal organs. The icky coating and taste we experience should signal us that our oral microbiome is upset. A dry mouth, dry skin and dry nose should alert us that we are dehydrated. Remember, if we are thirsty, we are way beyond dehydration. And if we are not thirsty, there is a good chance that our body no longer signals us when we are in need of hydration, because we ignored the signals for so long. It is like the urge that we get when we need to move our bowels. Have you ever noticed that you only get one urge per bowel movement necessity? Pay attention next time.  Your body won’t alert you again. Another reason that we should not ignore these signs and signals received by the autonomic nervous system. “Gut reaction” is a real thing used metaphorically, as in to trust one’s inner guidance.

This month and for the remainder of the year, we will be highlighting oral health, hygiene and imperative hydration!  We love our Kangen Water® Machines! The water from these filtration systems is pure, free of residues, bacteria, metals and pollutants and has the capability of neutralizing the acid waste in our body. Meaning… if you eat rice, fish, drink wine, coffee or tea or eat goodies – you can still maintain a balanced pH, which reduces cellular damage and protects against cancer and degeneration. The strong alkaline water made through the system of titanium plating can remove the oil based pesticides off of your produce, clean stains out of carpet and the acidic waste water when collected can be used in place of windex and other harsh cleaning products. You can also soak your toothbrushes in it to kill the bacteria that otherwise swarm the bristles in the deep dark of night.

It takes about six months to adequately hydrate and dehydrated system, so please stick with the drinking once you begin. As with any health regime, longevity and perseverance is the winning ticket.

If you are interested in purchasing a Kangen Water® Machine, click here.

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