keeping it positive with yourself and others

Keeping Life Positive

Hi, Dr. Joy here and I have to admit I miss you guys. I have not seen you in so long and that I’m working from the comfort of my patio today, I wanted to tell you about something that happened this morning, I was riding my bike and my chain came off and I was fiddling with it in the road. My hands got greasy and a neighbor I guess saw me and came out and bought me a towel. That was so sweet and that’s contrary to some of the experiences I was having last week when I was getting frustrated.

Frustration, Karma, and Projection

I found myself in a bit of a tip and then I would just say I’m just going to go out for a walk and I would go put on my shoes and change my clothes then it would start to pour. I would think to myself when it would pour “my goodness” this is instant karma. Truly we do draw to us the energy that we project outward and it’s the law of attraction. The law of attraction is one of the universal laws of the universe. When we’re feeling kind, happy, and grateful and just in a more pleasant state of mind we bring more goodness to us. With that being said, when we’re grouchy, irritable, spiteful and negative we bring more of that energy to us.

Closing Thoughts

So even though we need to be in social isolation for another maybe month. Oh my goodness. Let’s all just do our best to be nice to each other and just be grateful for what we do have and I have a feeling more will come so have a beautiful beautiful day.


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