The Law of Attraction Explained

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Lately I have been listening to one of my teachers, Dr. Bruce Lipton, on YouTube. Dr. Bruce used to teach medical students about how our health and medical conditions were the sole function of our biology, DNA, chromosomes – in essence, our genetics. However as he was doing his medical research, he saw increasing evidence in how the environment effects our cells, and how our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes influence our lives, health and the outcome of our dis-ease processes. He wrote the book “The Biology of Belief” and I have ordered my copy and am excited to delve into the science.

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation

The power of the Law of Attraction is real. In life, we are less likely to get what we want with a negative attitude. Our state of mind and being- ness is what is likely to attract or manifest energy comparable to our own mindset. This idea is the essence of the law of attraction and manifestation If you say you want to be healthy while you are silently thinking that you already know that you are going to sabotage yourself later this week, your unconscious mind is blocking your desire with a cloud of energy that is sure to defeat your stated objective.

Showing up in the state of mind that resonates with how you would feel once you had what you think you want, is like getting to the finish line without having had to sweat. What we really want is the state of mind and emotions that we associate with what we want. This idea is imperative to understanding the power of attraction and the law of attraction.

Understanding The Law of Attraction

Our imagination is our tool. Sit quietly and reflect on how you would feel if you already had everything you want.  Immerse yourself with those good feelings and breathe them into your soul. Make it your intention to stay with those good positive feelings long after you open your eyes, and throughout your day. If you forget, sit quietly again and repeat the process. Repetition is how we create new habits and neuro-pathways. Without the new programs, old automatic negative attitudes flood the psyche. This step is crucial in manifesting your desires as you reprogram your brain.

Over time, notice how you attract more love laughter and happiness toward you when you smile. Even with a mask covering half of your face, it is evident to others when you smile at them. Your smile is reflected in your eyes and must come from your heart. Making that connection with a complete stranger just might make his day, and it will absolutely make you feel better, attracting more of the goodness you want to experience. This is how the law of attraction works.

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