is coffee healthy?

Is It Healthy to Drink Coffee Regularly

Anyone who appreciates a good cup of Java in the morning will admit that the day is just not the same without it. There is no doubt about it, coffee is a good drug. It provides a useful wake up call to millions of people of all walks of life, every morning of the year. However, how much is too much? Like any other substance with a psycho-active effect, coffee can be addicting. Although, it is “healthy” to drink coffee, too much of it can lead to side effects and dependence.

Side Effects of Coffee

To know whether you are tipping over to the side of drinking too much coffee too frequently, watch for these side effects: Restlessness, shakiness, insomnia, headaches – especially around the temples or sides of the head, dizziness, rapid heart rhythm, dehydration, anxiety and dependency. Additionally while caffeine does increase alertness, too much can cause anxiety, irritability, short temper, digestive issues, muscle breakdown, high blood pressure, teeth staining and fatigue – especially pronounced fatigue when the normal dose wears down.

Natural Coffee and Caffeine Alternatives

While you may not get quite the same “buzz” from green or black tea, ginseng or macha, these options may be less addictive and create less of a likelihood that you will overdose.

Check in with your naturopathic doctor to learn why you may crave these stimulants to learn whether you have low iron, low thyroid, a chronic viral condition or another issue that may be causing fatigue.

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