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How we make High Blood Pressure Patients Achieve Normal BP Levels without Prescription Medication

Nov 10, 2020

How we make High Blood Pressure Patients Achieve Normal BP Levels without Prescription Medication

Almost every day, at least one of my beloved patients walks into the office feeling stressed from traffic, from rushing, from being on business calls or from years of accumulated overwork, overwhelm and overweight. TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, refers to these as “excess” conditions, meaning too much of anything can result in High Blood Pressure. In other words, HBP is not the reason these patients feel stressed and anxious. It is the excesses in their lives – too much stress, too much rushing, too much distraction and too much random consumption, that leads to the condition of HBP.

The Problem with Traditional Western Medicine 

The Western medicine protocol would be to put these patients, tens of thousands of them per day, on blood pressure medicine that they are told they will need to take for their entire life. On subsequent visits, as the years go by, and the BP pills aren’t working to keep their BP down, new prescriptions are added until patients are on up to four medicines per day to treat symptoms caused by the patient’s lifestyle and diet. Not to mention, the other conditions that develop concurrently that they are medicated for as well.

My Recent Experience with a High Blood Pressure Patient

I had such a new patient last week, I will refer to him as Joe. Joe had a blood pressure of 150/100 when he entered our office. Joe had been taking four prescription blood pressure medicines for over 10 years. I didn’t need a medical degree to see that these prescriptions were not working for Joe. This is not a rare occurrence in my clinic. This is an example of a situation that I see regularly.

The way that I care for a patient like Joe, is to identify the sources of Joe’s stress, inquire about and make some changes to his diet, encourage regular exercise, meditation and a course of herbal remedies created by God, grown in nature, that will enhance blood flow, decrease blockages and plaque built up in the arteries, and support healthy heart function. I also perform pain-free acupuncture treatments, and guide my patients on a breathing and meditative journey which may last 20-30 minutes. The result? Across the board, patients blood pressure reduces by 25-60 points in one visit. Over the long haul, patients blood pressure becomes normal, without prescription medication.

Naturopathy for High Blood Pressure and Heart Health

There are side effects to my supreme naturopathic/TCM protocol and I must disclose. Along with the eventual normalization of their blood pressure, my patients experience a comfortable return to a healthy, balanced weight, their sinus’s clear, allergies are gone, they have more energy, better sleep and have much more pep in their step.

Who do you know who has been a long time HBP patient with no foreseeable way out?

Please send them my way. I would love to make a difference in their lives!

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