How to lose weight during menopause

The Changes Before, During, and After Menopause

For any of you who are approaching menopause or some strange set of symptoms that seem to have emerged from nowhere, so many of us can relate completely. “Why are these things happening to my body, mind and emotions”, and “how can I get a grip?”, might be some of your thoughts. Weight gain and weight loss during menopause is common. However, you are able to lose gained weight after and during menopause.

Think back when you first got your period, or became pregnant, had a baby, or fell in love. You may not remember, however your body, mind and emotions were also a tad unusual. Some events created more havoc than others.

How to Lose Menopause Weight

Menopause being the last major hormonal change that occurs for women, may be thought of as the “grand finale”.  It will display itself in the culmination of everything you have ever dealt with, suffered through, lived with, created and survived.  For example…if your periods were a nightmare and you medicated yourself with hormones, your body has potentially been out of balance for a long time. If you’ve struggled with your weight and food choices your whole life, you may begin to feel like you are losing the battle. If you neglected to provide nutrient rich food for your bones, tissues and cells, now is the time your bones and muscle may seem to be getting smaller and weaker.

So what is up then, for the women who stayed active, ate consciously and refrained from meds? The sad truth is that even these women may notice flab developing in unsightly areas. If your digestion was always an issue for you, hold tight because it may get worse.

How to Lose Weight After Menopause

Menopause is perhaps one of the most humbling experiences of life. The good news is that while we may not be prettier, we are most probably smarter and that wisdom is the springboard that enables you to make thoughtful decisions moving forward.  That is why so many of my patients are  “that age”.

Another glimmer of hope for you younger women or the daughters of menopause sufferers, if you address those first uncomfortable symptoms with the helpful care of a competent naturopathic physician who is an expert in changes to the female system, you get to cruise through menopause with perhaps a warm flash or two, rather than a gargantuan display of ilk.

How Can Your Lose Weight After Menopause

No matter though where you are in your phase of change, I can certainly assist you in getting things in balance and under control.  We will need to look closely at the details of your physiology and work from the inside out.  How exciting to know that with all of the brilliance you’ve accumulated along the way, now you can get your body on track as well.

I’m Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff, and I am excited to see a new, mature, sexy beast emerge.

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