You exercise, you diet, you visit your doctor—yet your weight loss program doesn’t seem to be helping. What is happening? Weight loss programs may invoke images of salads, hours in the gym, deprivation of all of your favorite foods—and even doing all of that doesn’t seem to be working well. It may be worthwhile to consider hormone testing. As we age, estrogen and progesterone levels decline in women, while androgen levels (testosterone and DHEA) may increase. For men, it may be the opposite. These changes not only increase the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease, but also shift how and where fat is stored in our bodies. Attempting to lose weight fast without addressing the hormonal component is like going to the gym and then eating a big piece of cheesecake or chocolate mousse. Eating whole foods, reducing refined carbohydrates and exercising, combined with treating all hormonal imbalances, will help you to be successful in your attempt to lose weight and keep it off. Common weight-related hormone symptoms include * Increased waist size * Bloating * Decline in stamina * Difficulty maintaining weight loss.



A healthy body relies on healthy food, eaten in the proper proportions and combined properly. Just as no two individuals are the same, there is no one weight loss diet that will suit each person’s individual needs.

Unlike medical doctors who receive between one and three hours of clinical nutrition in medical schools like Harvard and Stanford, naturopathic physicians receive 220 hours of clinical nutrition in the classroom during their four years in their accredited medical school. That is why, when you visit Dr. Ostroff at the Center for Natural Healing, she will guide you in selecting the most advantageous foods for you to build healthy blood, cleanse your body and regain maximal efficiency in your body’s organs. This translates into more utilizable energy for you to do what you love to do, and also helps you to lose weight fast, but in a healthy manner.

Your complete diet will be evaluated, and Dr. Ostroff will slowly insert recommendations on how you can make easy and delicious changes that will ensure greater results with your overall health program, getting you closer to your ideal weight, and a beautiful and healthy body. (Yes, more beautiful than it is now!)


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