Naturopathic morning routine

My Morning Ritual

Dec 18, 2020

My Favorite Morning Ritual

Hi there im Dr Diana Joy Ostroff and I would like to share with you my morning ritual. it is what I strive to do everyday and it makes the difference between having a really focused conscious day where I’m actually feeling more aware of how I’m being, how I’m thinking, how I am acting, and how my day goes.

How I Start My Morning Routine

Basically what I do when I wake up is first thing I thank god for my goodnight sleep, in-fact I say it in Hebrew, then I say it in english. I say “dear god thank you so much for an amazing night sleep please help me better than I was yesterday” then I get up and go to the bathroom. Then I come back and lay in bed for a couple of more minutes to get comfortable. Either I lay down and if I still feel I need to still stretch out a bit I will or I will sit up to meditate but, I say that prayer again and hone it again.

The Importance of a Great Morning Routine

Think about if we can do better and if we can be better today than we were yesterday in any way, we can be conscious and be aware about how much better we will be by the time we get old. It’s infinite, it’s amazing, it’s wonderful, it’s something to work on, it’s something to strive for on everything including peace in the world. It all starts with me, it all starts with you, it all starts with us, we need to be conscious of our thoughts. It would not be doing any good to go out there and riot if you are not at peace in your heart, with yourself, and with those around you, so I’m going to inspire you to work on it. I love you, please have the most beautiful beautiful weekend and I will see you soon, aloha.

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