Natural Hormones for Osteoporosis as you age

Jun 2, 2020

Natural Hormones and Minerals may be needed for Osteoporosis as you Age

By the time most men hit 70, they “catch up” with women and have just as much osteoporosis and as many bone fractures as women do, pointing to the reality that bone mineral density correlates positively with estradiol and testosterone, which naturally decline with age. This necessitates having  ones bone density, and hormone levels measured.  Once we know what your levels are, we may choose to recommend natural hormones, and minerals as needed to fill in the gaps.  Many individuals take Calcium, however these minerals must be used with other bone nourishing minerals like Magnesium, Boron and Strontium in proper ratios.  Remember, we do not stop producing hormones when we age, we age when we stop producing hormones.

With the proper guidance and nutritional support, you will feel great again!  How you feel is an indication of how balanced your body is.

-Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff

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