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No Need to Keep Discussing the Never-ending Need to Lose Weight

Sep 2, 2022

It seems that no matter how many new approaches, procedures, or gimmicks are created, there is a common thread to the complaints I hear from people over 40 concerning those extra pounds that seem to magically come out of nowhere yet remain stubborn to leave. It is a big subject and one that deserves attention because of the grief it causes the masses, either in the moment or down the road when illness ensues.

The reality is that there is no quick solution to a long-term problem, only a systematic, structured lifestyle plan that is suitable for your body, your lifestyle, and one that you can truly get behind.

The Naturopathic Approach to Weight Loss

I like to approach diet with my patients like a house-clearing project. If we can declutter and get rid of what we don’t need in the house, the house will feel cleaner and easier to live in. With the health metaphor, once the body is free of debris, bacteria, viruses, parasites, and yeast, you will feel a great sense of freedom – freedom with breathing, freedom in movement, more wakeful and energetic, and so much less heavy and weighed down.

In fact, I suggest that one not check the scale but rather base progress on how you feel while going through the de-clutter or detoxification process. It is wonderfully motivating, as the joy of feeling good is worth its weight in gold. Isn’t it easier to bypass those deserts when there are no longer cravings for them? Weight loss can be tackled naturally, without the need for ridiculous diets and calorie counting.

The Only Natural Means of Weight Loss

Through the process of systematic body cleaning and metabolic enhancement, we lose the cravings for what we were addicted to and begin to love our new home. Free and clear of chaos and excess baggage – literally and figuratively.

No need to keep discussing the never-ending need to lose weight – only to begin the process of getting your new home livable and ready to move into, where you will feel safe, risk-free, and beautiful!

*Results may vary from person to person.


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