Why Are We Not Hearing More About Our Role in Our Health?

Oct 6, 2021

“Why are we not hearing more about our role in our Health?”

In this day and age with so many external COVID stressors, vaccine and mask mandates, and fear producing news, it is astounding that nobody in the media or in the government is talking about health. There is a strong correlation between people who do not consume proper nutrition and an increased risk in obesity and illness. For those of you reading this blog, I know I am preaching to the choir, however isn’t it curious that there is no mention or consideration that improving one’s immune system and overall well -being might be the best thing one can do for their health? Not only does caring for one’s health assist one in feeling good, it can be life transforming and allow one to feel more confident in their immunity and in protecting their health against this virus. To me, that is pure freedom! A virus can not survive in a healthy environment.

Taking Your Health Into Your Own Hands

There are so many ways we can protect ourselves from sickness, including eating healthy organic food, exercising, taking the correct supplements, and remedies that will resolve nutritional deficiencies you may be experiencing. We have the tools in our center to detect those deficiencies and resolve them, thereby reducing the symptoms or conditions that are causing pain or discomfort in the first place. Something a pill or synthetic formulas is not able to do, as they will only mask the symptoms and not actually address the cause of the problem.

Fear, Anxiety, and The Immune System

We need to relieve the fear that comes along with the constant narrative the TV seems to be addressing. Fear and anxiety are a bad form of stress that can actually weaken the immune system and lead to serious issues. Instead, why not do something you really enjoy? Why not take the mask off and go for a run! Exercise, go to beach, live your life, because happiness is vitally important to your well-being. The journey to optimal health requires a mental, spiritual, and physical change.

I think we could all use some refreshing moments and to create memories that we have control of our health and our life, and that we have the freedom to choose!

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