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How Do Our Patients Get Well?

Aug 10, 2021

How Does the Center for Natural Healing Heal so Many Patients?

We as humans have so many choices. Every choice we make has the potential to change our life. Whether the choice causes us to move in a positive or negative direction has everything to do with how you will feel about the action taken.

When making a decision to reach out to another person for support in an area of your life where you feel blocked, stifled, off course, confused or unsure, you are shifting into a very vulnerable position where the outcome is unknown. One needs to feel secure in themselves to take that leap of faith to reach out and expose their deepest fears, anxieties and/or sensitive health challenges. I know how that feels.

Where Hawaii Natural Healing Begins

When patients enter our healing center, that anguish of whether they are safe, begins to dissipate. They enter an environment where everyone shares the same mission – to heal, to feel whole, to be seen, accepted, cared for, cared about, loved and cherished as a unique human being.

There is no hesitation in the initiation of healing when our patients enter our center. It is a “HEALING CENTER” and we are all there to release the old and bring in the new- everyday.

When you visit with me at the Center for Natural Healing, you will have my full attention and my commitment to the attainment of your desired goals. I won’t just give you a pill to mask your symptoms, though the remedies I provide will do that; I will seek to understand you, your life, your struggles, your pain and I will quickly identify the cause of your symptoms.

I will guide you, step by step, on how to unravel the mystery of your current physical state and create clear, easy specific, actionable steps for you to follow to manifest change within your body, heart, and mind.

The best part is that it is FUN, HAPPY, AND EXCITING to experience the shifts, awarenesses and “aha!” moments that move you through layers of unnecessary and unwanted mental, emotional, physical and psychic baggage.

Why We Must Change in Order to Improve Our State of Health

Change is a must. We don’t stay the same. Our cells change every minute. Imagine learning how to direct the cellular changes in the direction you wish to go. It’s like walking on one of those electric sidewalks at the airport, where you make speedy strides in the direction of your gate, verses walking backwards on one, as you flail through missed attempts to get to the other side.

When you commit to yourself, I help to hold you accountable, and I care about your progress and, your process. I am not concerned with slight backward slides. Those are normal and lessen as you reach higher levels of satisfaction with yourself and your life. When a natural remedy is prescribed, it is not hit or miss. The remedy will create a change in your system that will significantly enhance your cellular wellness.

If you are still curious to see the results I have produced for my patients, feel free to read through the hundreds of successful testimonials here or, check out my youtube channel where we showcase amazing natural healing stories from our patients.

My patients get well in ways they didn’t know they needed. It is a brilliant unfolding from sometimes chaos, to the evolution of higher states of becoming who you want to be, holistically – in mind, body and soul.

I am looking forward to seeing YOU.

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