Do Prescription Medications Make You “Healthy”?

Dec 20, 2021

Will Taking Prescription Medications Make You Healthy? Are They Actually “Good for You”?

For example, taking medications everyday will improve your health. This is not necessarily true, synthetic medications are actually toxic and foreign to our bodies. While they may be able to take away pain, or save your life in a pinch, continually taking medications over time can be detrimental to the body. The toxicity of chemicals can have deleterious effects and side effects, over the short term and the long term. Many times we do not know what the long term effects are going to be which can spell disaster in the future. Instead why not nourish your body with what mother nature intended. Why not take medicines that are not synthesized in a lab, but are sourced and created by people who intend to heal the body through a natural means.

Nature’s Medicine: How Are Prescription Medications Different From Natural Remedies?

We have been using natural medicines and still are for thousands and thousands of years. The pharmaceuticals are a modern creation, that intends to seek patents and proprietary control over a medicine that was taken from mother nature, and then artificially synthesized in a lab. Yes, the molecular structure may be similar to that active ingredient in the plant, root or bark from which it was sourced, however it is not the same thing. In many cases, synthesized versions of naturally occurring medicines can be very harmful.

Dangerous to Our Health? How Safe Is Prescription Medications Compared to Natural Medicines?

Let’s take a look at THC molecule, which can be found in marijuana. You cannot overdose from marijuana or THC. It is virtually impossible as the toxic dose of THC would be the equivalent of consuming 1500 pounds of marijuana in 15 minutes. Now the synthetic version of THC in the pill form is highly lethal and creates a lot of health issues. Marinol for example is a synthetic medicine containing the THC portion of the plant. The lethal dose is 30mg/kg. We must all be very careful with what we put into our bodies, especially the foods we eat that may contain chemicals, and the medications we take. I am not saying quit your medications, but small steps toward that goal can be incrementally made with the proper guidance.

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