Regrow, Recolor, and Repair Your Hair Naturally

Apr 5, 2022

My friends are often commenting to me that I never seem to have grey roots showing. They are shocked when I tell them that I have never colored my hair. I have a few white ones here and there and I’m ok with them as I feel I have earned them in so many ways.

Scalp Acupuncture | How I Maintain My Hair Health

I know that my healthy lifestyle contributes to my overall health and vitality, however I didn’t really think about how my daily nap and acupuncture treatment, that I give myself each day, was keeping my hair rich in color for all these years, until I read about a study being done in China, directed by Dr. Kuo Ta-Wei, at the Fu Yuan Chinese Medicine Clinic.
In his study, a stroke patient, with gray hair, receiving scalp acupuncture after her stroke, started showing signs of her black hair returning.
In fact, Dr. Kuo claims that scalp acupuncture plus combing the hair with the fingers or a good natural fiber comb, stimulates the acupuncture points in the head encouraging not only good hair health, but also improved eyesight, reduced headaches, and a decline in ringing in the ears or tinnitus.

Regrowing and Recoloring Hair Naturally

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Naturopathic Medicine, the proper balance of proteins, zinc and B vitamins will reduce problems like oily scalp, hair loss and gray hair. Eating walnuts, black sesame, mulberries, black beans and black rice are also good for healthy hair and healthy kidneys.
Another factor that affects hair health is sleep. While sleep promotes healing on all levels, lack of sleep, usually combined with increased stress may increase the risk of early balding.

Natural Hair Growth and Recoloring

Chemical hair dyes can be damaging  to the hair and scalp and may also increase risk of some cancers.
After  I had my second baby, Aaron, at home, when I was 42, I lost a lot of blood and started showing signs of balding. I was too busy to notice during that time, however my friends pointed it out to me. I began giving myself scalp massages and scalp acupuncture while letting my head rest slightly off the end of the bed.
I think it helped as the hair grew in again and though not as shiny as it was in my 20’s, it is hanging in there. Pun intended.
We can never nurture ourselves enough. What a simple indulgent treat you can do for yourself!

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