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Your Skin Is a Reflection of What Is Within

During the past several years, I have noticed a trend with my patients. Almost inevitably, while they may be coming to see me for allergy or asthma relief, anxiety or stress, depression, or digestive complaints, there exists an accompanying skin reaction, outbreak, eczema, or rash present somewhere on the body.

Why are so many skin irritations occurring?

More importantly, what can we do to protect ourselves and prevent these eruptions which are often itchy and inconveniently located in areas where we’d prefer our skin to be smooth and clear?

Understanding The Skin

First of all, it is important that we remember that our skin is our largest eliminatory organ. It is designed to protect our internal organs and bones from exposure, yet its functions are more comprehensive.

Our skin weighs six pounds in the average adult and covers an area of two square yards. Many people forget that the skin is an organ. Our bodies must eliminate large amounts of waste products from our systems daily or we will die.

The Largest Eliminatory Organ: The Skin

The bowel, lungs, kidneys, and skin are our four channels of elimination. Each of these organs ideally should release two pounds of toxins per day. Therefore, our skin is responsible for getting rid of nearly a fourth of our bodily toxins each and every day.

If any of these elimination systems are not working properly, an extra burden will be placed on the others. If the skin is not doing its job, the kidneys, lungs, and bowel will have an extra load to deal with.

The elastic nature of the skin is designed to move as we move and protect the body from excessive sunlight, chemicals, pollution, or harmful bacteria. When the skin is not eliminating properly, uric acids will build up that can cause gout and a strong body odor may develop.

When the skin is eliminating and the other organs are backed up or not working at optimal levels of functionality, and when there are toxins within the body, they will peep or pour out through our skin.

Skin Health and Nutrition

The health of your skin and the quality of your nutrition maintain a unique relationship. I’ve been working with patients with varying degrees of fungus on their hands, feet, back, and toenails. There is often discoloration of the skin and nails in these cases and often times the toenails separate from the toe due to the fungal growth.

In these cases, when asked, the patients often reveal that there had been many dietary indiscretions such as fast food consumption or over-indulgence of sugary items. Our bodies cannot regenerate healthy skin and nails on these kinds of non-foods.

Our skin and nails, as well as all parts of our body, are degenerating and regenerating constantly. We need to feed them well in order to regenerate healthy cells.

Dietary & Nutrition Considerations for Skin Conditions

A diet rich in vegetables, especially dark green leafy’s, vitamin A-rich foods, which are red, orange or yellow; essential fatty acids, including nuts and seeds, which are called essential because the body needs them; zinc and other micronutrients, as well as anti-fungal remedies prescribed on a per case basis are routinely indicated and assist in the reversal of these conditions.

Boils, acne, and abscesses are other skin conditions of excess. These skin conditions usually occur at least in part due to what is being consumed; and how the lifestyle we are living is affecting our immune system. Hormonal imbalances can be an additional causal factor.

How Naturopathic Medicine Can Help Treat Acne & Other Skin Conditions

Your naturopathic doctor will assist you in finding the cause of the problem in each case. That is the beauty of naturopathic medicine. Whereas Western medicine may prescribe a topical antibiotic cream, ointment, or steroid to treat a skin eruption.

A licensed naturopathic doctor will be a detective and determine all the causes of the patient’s complaints. Then, specific recommendations will be made to assist in bringing YOUR body back into a healthy balance, including an appropriate detoxification program.

Lifestyle Adjustments for Healthy Skin

In addition to eating healthfully, we must also get plenty of fresh air exercise, and wear natural fiber clothing to keep our skin well. Synthetic fibers keep the skin from receiving air and getting proper circulation.

Never use soaps, cosmetics, or lotions that are full of chemicals or deodorants that contain aluminum. Choose soaps, oils, lotions, and deodorants from the health store that are made with natural ingredients.

The skin can become very toxic from years of rubbing or spraying chemicals into it or wearing synthetic fibers.

Everything that touches the skin penetrates through the skin and must be handled by the organs of elimination. Skin brushing is also one of the finest ways to detoxify the skin and promote good circulation.

Remember the skin is an entire organ so brushing the skin of the body can help clear up acne on the face.
We should brush our skin with a brush made from natural vegetable fibers before we take our showers or baths.

Never use a brush made from nylon or other synthetic materials because they will irritate the skin.

Take care of your mind, body, and spirit, and your skin will reflect vibrant radiant health from the inside out.

For more information on how you can create balanced living and longevity contact Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff at the Center for Natural Healing.; 808-373-9966


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