Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition that persist for six months or more and may have a number of contributing factors from a chronic, undiagnosed viral condition to heavy metals, to food allergies and intolerances or even hormonal imbalance and adrenal fatigue. While less than 10% of Americans have CFS, over 80% of Americans report on a regular basis having some level of the fatigue.

This can be a vicious cycle because when the body is tired and drained, immune system is compromised; virus’s can replicate and depression can set in. With all of these factors working against us it hard to know how to come up for air.



This is a BIG subject, requiring conscious focus.  An important tip is to turn down the volume of noise in your life around you and take time to just listen to your body – when it aches it is attempting to tell you something. When you have shortness of breath or a headache or stiffness or feel exhausted; these are messages that your body is giving to you and they are worth paying attention to.

If you or someone you know is struggling or suffering with CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME or related symptoms, help is only ONE PHONE CALL AWAY. 

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