How to Stay Healthy, during a Pandemic by Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff

Nov 29, 2021

Close your eyes for a moment and think about sex….yes, sex!

Now open your eyes. How was that? What organ did you use to create a sudden shift in your consciousness?

YOUR BRAIN! Your brain is the most powerful instrument that you possess. And the most amazing thing about it, is that you are the programmer. There is no need to rely on anyone or anything else, you only need your imagination.

The Power of Your Mind and Imagination

Einstein, one of the most brilliant physicists thus far, stated that “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

Before a rocket ship went into outer space, someone thought of it. Our brain and imagination are more powerful than a rocket ship blasting into outer space.

The most powerful and effective medicines ever created were invented by someone who first imagined them.

How Are New Medicines Discovered

But how were these compounds created? By mimicking nature. Since the beginning of time, before the advent of modern medicine, people were using plants to heal their ills. The elderly women of any tribe would boil herbs to make teas, soups and concoctions to heal her children, and her children’s children.

How did they know which herbs worked? Again, they observed nature. The plants that were poisonous to other living creatures, bugs and parasites, were the same ones that healed their ill family members. Herbs indigenous to their native soil were what was needed to combat the maladies of their native people.

Likewise, the fruits, nuts, berries, leaves, seeds , roots and rhizomes were able to sustain them nutritionally to survive.

Our human biology, like nature, has the power within its cells to not only survive, rather to thrive in such circumstances. How? With the power of our minds, which we have the power and full choice to control.

We have all experienced or heard of sudden healing of the sick. Many who used the strength of their will, against all odds have experienced miraculous recoveries, time and time again.

My Experience With Healing Patients – A Short Story

I have seen this in my own clinic with hundreds of patients. Those who are committed to healing, heal. Those that give up and succumb to the life sentence imposed by their doctor, allow themselves to fade away.

What is the difference? Let me describe an example of willingness to survive and thrive. I’ll call him Patrick to maintain privacy. Patrick showed up in my office one day, 350 pounds heavy, with rough, dry skin, with legs thick like the legs of an elephant. Patrick was swollen from head to toe. His condition – kidney failure, compounded by decades of high blood pressure, gout, candidiasis, diabetes, arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, and elephantiasis – an inflammatory condition due to parasitic infestation throughout his lymphatic system causing obstruction. In other words – a worm infestation in the lymphatic vessels, inhibiting his body to filter toxins.

“Doc, you gotta help me” he said. “ They want to start me on dialysis.” Patrick had been on 15 pharmaceutical medicines for the last 30 years. I saw his despair. Feeling an extreme amount of regret in my heart, having only been in private practice for less than ten years at that time, I said “I’m sorry Patrick, I am not an expert at resolving stage five kidney failure”

“Doc, PLEASE! Ya gotta help me! I’m dying!!! I’ll do whatever you say”. DING….the magic words. I looked at Patrick and said…”How committed are you?” He said, “200%”. I said “OK then, let’s get to work.”

Upon our initial consultation, I learned that Patrick was advised to NOT DRINK WATER, because it would tax his kidneys. He was told to NOT EAT VEGETABLES AND FRUITS, because it would increase his gout, and to NOT EXERCISE, because it would compound his arthritis.

It was not difficult for Patrick to accept that the course he was on was contributing to his current life experience, so when I told him to drink one gallon of water a day, to eat foods from the earth, unprocessed and unadulterated, and to walk and swim no less that 60 minutes a day, despite his limited ability to move at all, due to his swelling, Patrick took on the challenge and used his mind to think of it as an opportunity, even a privilege!

Patrick showed up weekly for his visits where he received deep tissue massage, acupressure, acupuncture, far-infrared treatments, and laser treatments for pain reduction and to resolve tissue swelling and enhance lymphatic flow. I tested him for the most bio–compatible antifungal agents, strong herbal antiparasitic agents, natural remedies to lower his blood pressure and blood sugar and herbal tonics and tinctures to restore kidney function.
In four months, Patrick had lost 100 pounds. He was off all 15 of his pharmaceutical medicines and had full function of his kidneys, pancreas and heart. His blood pressure and blood sugar were within normal ranges. His gout and arthritis had drastically diminished and Patrick was living happily in gratitude for his miraculous self healing, self restoring, self regenerating body. His optimistic mindset, strong will, and connection to caring for his body properly are what ultimately allowed for Patrick’s transformation.

That is just one of hundreds of dramatic success stories I have seen in my 32 years of private practice in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Foundation to Healing Yourself and Accomplishing Your Goals

In my first book “The Wisdom of Well-Being, Your Health is in YOUR Hands”, I highlight the most important and often overlooked pearls of wisdom, necessary for creating and maintaining optimal health.

The first principle is to set a clear intention for yourself at the beginning of each day, of how you want to be, not what you need to do. When we abruptly shift from restful sleep to creating a To-Do list, we sacrifice the time we need to meditate and pray about how we want to BE.

How we show up in the world, for ourselves and for those around us is the single most important factor determining the outcome of our lives.

Do we dare to use the power of our minds and imaginations to be happy, to make healthy choices, to surround ourselves with empowering positive people, making a true difference to the world with the contributions we make and the activities in which we indulge?

Or do we allow ourselves to act and react to what others think, say and do? Are we more in tune with our inner voice, desire and needs or are we being led toward having fearful thoughts, panicky emotions and following the whims and opinions of others?

How has this Pandemic affected your well-being?

In the last 18 months, this pandemic has wreaked havoc on the minds and hearts of hundreds of millions of people. It is difficult to listen to the news and not allow yourself to become anxious and depressed.

The leading cause of death in 2020 was heart disease, with 690,000 deaths. The second leading cause was cancer, with 599,000 deaths. The third leading cause? Iatrogenic death, literally death caused in the hospital by the doctors’ and medical staff errors. Yet, we haven’t been living in fear and panic about the possibility of these events happening to us.

What Is a Virus and How Does It Work?

A virus is a submicroscopic infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism. Viruses infect all life forms from animals and plants to microorganisms. However a virus can only penetrate the cellular wall of a human, plant or animal if the wall is compromised. A virus cannot penetrate through a solid healthy cell wall.
Viruses are the most abundant life form of Earth. There are billions and trillions of individual viral particles which populate the planet. We will never be without them. However, our human cell walls are not easy to penetrate, unless we damage them.

My Recommendation for You

So how do we NOT damage our cells? How do we stay healthy through any pandemic? The answer is the same way we prevent a heart attack, a stroke, obesity, diabetes, gout, cancer and other degenerative diseases that would cause us to need to rely on modern medicine or a hospital stay.

By eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Our body’s thrive on whole foods from the earth, rather than processed foods containing preservatives, dyes and additives; or genetically modified foods that alter the genetic code in our bodies.

By breathing fresh air, getting outdoors in nature, enjoying the beauty of our natural environment, while leaving the electronics at home.

By drinking pure, fresh water, in abundance to assist our cells in being bathed, cleansed and purified; while assisting, supporting and enabling every enzymatic function necessary for human life, of which there are hundreds of thousands.

By trusting in the healing power of nature, understanding that our body has everything it needs to be whole and healthy – if we take care of it properly.

By exercising. Moving the body is the only way to keep the lymphatic fluid flowing, preventing stasis, stagnation and tissue swelling.

By setting our intentions on who and how we want to be, how we want to live and being accountable and responsible to ourselves to live in alignment with creating and sustaining health, happiness, and vitality.

By centering, meditating, doing yoga and keeping our minds clear, focussed and our thoughts positive.

Closing Thoughts

Imagine peeling the skin back on a juicy ripe mango. Imagine tasting the delectable fruit, in all its nutrient rich juice and fiber. Imagine the stickiness on our hands, and the pleasure on our pallet.

Now imagine, securing the very cells of your body and immune system, ensuring their protective barrier, knowing that you are living in harmony with the divine gift of life given to you by your creator; so strong, so powerful, to withstand any force in nature or made by man.

When you make effort to lovingly care for and nurture yourself, you are in effect preventing your body from breaking down, and becoming vulnerable to external pernicious influences. The ability to relax in that knowingness supports your immune system to keep you healthy during any external pathogenic influence. Your immune system operates in harmony with your mental/emotional state. Fear breeds dis-ease. Constructive thoughts, words and behaviors create higher levels of wellness and health.

What is in the way of your peace of mind? Remember, you have the option to create the change you want to experience.

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