Stay Positive! … I decided to stop listening to the news.

Jun 25, 2020

Hi Friends,

About a month ago, I decided to stop listening to the news that was creating fear, anxiety and negative emotions. It is almost impossible to listen to the news these days and not be unsettled about our future, or worry about our children’s future; and the darkness inevitably seeps into our relationships with those we love and care for. At least that is what was happening for me.

Since turning off all of that noise and negativity, I have been able to restore my optimism and positive energy and share more of my best self with my patients and loved ones. It wasn’t automatic though. It took about three or more weeks of reprogramming myself, through meditation and acts of mindfulness to get back to my center. It is unbelievable how influenced we can become when we listen to the programs others are running, that we find ourselves buying into, and then regurgitating the negativity. I am grateful for my children… well my grown-up teens who brought to my attention that the information I was listening to was destroying my spirit.

This morning I reflected on how this “pandemic” has impacted my life in such a positive way. Both of my sons, Solomon and Aaron came home to be with me and we have had some of the most wonderful times together. As many of you know, Aaron left home at 14 to attend a performing arts academy in Pennsylvania, on a full three-year scholarship, and having him home now at 17 and experiencing him and his maturity has been overwhelmingly fulfilling. The boys have had the opportunity of spending quality time together which they missed for three years and watching them grow in love and brotherhood has been heartwarming and blissful. I have seen incredible transformation in Solomon over the three months that he has been home and his receptivity to my input has proven to be both useful and appreciated. The boys have been out in nature every day enjoying Hawaii in ways we should all be enjoying our islands, hiking, swimming, diving and working out. I have spent more time in the ocean already this year than I did over the previous two or three years. The ocean is so vast and refreshing and so healing to the body, mind and soul. My prayer for you is that you give yourself permission to turn off the news. Trust G-d. Everything always works out for us in ways that allow for growth and positive change. We need downs to be able to experience the ups when they happen. By turning off the news and having trust that all will be OK, and then meditating on what we want to see, feel and experience, we can begin to move in the direction of creation. We can create our own reality by doing what makes us happy, separate from external circumstances. We cannot rely on things, events, people or establishments to make us happy, healthy or creative. We can only create that from within. It all begins with our breathe and our awareness. By focusing on what IS possible, even during a pandemic, we can align ourselves with doing things to re-build our self-esteem, our self-reliance and our self-love.

Taking positive action steps that align us with what we know is good for us will set us up for a successful day, week and life. The first step is saying “NO” to fear. There have been disasters before and there will be more to come. Keep your focus on your highest truth and raise your vibration so that we may all be a part of the cure rather than part of the dis-ease!


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