Why Do Some People Seem to Get “Old” Faster Than Others?

What is the difference between someone who gets “old”, and a same-aged person who radiates dynamic vitality and sex appeal? And why don’t more people become their healthy, vital selves?

While studying to be a doctor, I learned that degeneration begins in our thirties, and the body slowly begins to get old after that. I wasn’t interested in that model. I suffered enough as a kid, teen, and young adult with a variety of physical and emotional issues. I was determined to live an exciting life filled with passion! How we think and program our minds determines today and the decades to come.

The problem is that most of our programs have been set tightly into their grooves since we were kids. Most of the subconscious beliefs, attitudes, and ways we act originated when something happened to us before we were eight years old that caused us to feel unprotected, unsafe, or alone in the world. We learned early on that the world was a scary place or that we had to figure out how to survive on our own. This was certainly the case for very many of my patients and me.

How Fear and Trauma Subtly Change Our Patterns of Thought

This is not the case for everyone, of course. For many of you, perhaps your family was loving, caring and supportive. However, there was a time when suddenly, your view of your relationship to the world, your family and your security shifted. From then, we learned to interact with our world in ways that kept us safe. We often fear exploring the possibilities available to us because someone we rely on, outside of ourselves, will be offended, feel less than, intimidated or unsure. We forget that those fears and uncertainties early on, were just stepping stones necessary to navigate our world and evolve us into brave, self-aware, and self-directed beings. We sometimes feel afraid or insecure as our default. We may have anxiety for no reason at all other than “that’s how I’ve always been.”

These “other than conscious” states and ways of thinking and being interrupt our life, prevent growth, curiosity, and expansion, and keep us stuck, limited, and “safe.” However, what does it really mean to be safe? Being safe is just a perception. Unlike in ancient times when there was a real threat to our safety and survival when we had to run for our lives, hide or fight. Most occurrences nowadays don’t require us to shift into that “fight or flight” mode where our adrenaline rises, and we have to flee. However, if you have mild to extreme anxiety, even some of the time, that is a sign that your body is remembering an old pattern of fear that is no longer a necessity or a reality.

Living Out of Fear: A Slow Decay of Health and Self

When we are afraid to take risks or move out of our comfort zone, even to attend a live function or event, we are limiting the possibilities for growth and expansion, which could alter the course of life. Sure, we can justify that we are afraid of covid or crowds or don’t have energy. However, those mindsets will keep us stuck in patterns of decay. This is why we start “feeling our age.” Worse yet, we begin to act our age. There is nothing fun about succumbing to degeneration, especially when options exist.

Reclaim Your Youthful Glow: Shift Into a New Way of Being

If you or someone you know is feeling stuck, old, or needs a boost in energy, vitality, and zest for life, please invite them to attend our live (and on zoom) personal power workshop, where we face our fears, challenges, and programs and learn exciting, easy and dramatic ways to “shift” into new ways of thinking, living and being. If you prefer a private consultation, please call our office to schedule that too!

Love and Aloha,

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff

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