what is a naturopath doctor
When I was in college and finally brave enough to reach out to doctors about the problems I was having with depression, PMS, bloating, unquenchable food cravings, stomach aches, eating disorders and extreme fatigue, I became extremely disheartened, as a common theme kept presenting itself with these unrelated healthcare providers. What I noticed was that I didn’t feel really cared about. The doctors that I visited didn’t seem to know my name or want to know much about me. They didn’t touch me, follow up with my care or have any ideas on how to help me.  One doctor told me to go take a walk in the rain, another put me on birth control pills. I was baffled!
I was only studying psychology in my first few years of college, convinced that my problems were psychological; however nothing I read seemed to fit either. I was getting nowhere slowly! Though I was on a pre-medicine course of study, I didn’t see the relationship between health and what I was studying or learning.

My Start to Being a Naturopathic Doctor in Hawaii

After six years in undergraduate school, independent research and perseverance, I discovered Naturopathic Medicine school and I was completely elated. It was my dream come true. Upon completion of my four years at my beloved medical school, I made a firm decision that I would use all that I had learned in school as well as the understanding I had of how it feels to be in the chair of the patient. It is a place where one can feel hopeless, filled with despair, and completely untrusting of anyone in the medical profession, because of the experiences one may have had. I know what that feels like and I make it my life’s work to do things differently as a naturopathic doctor.

What Can a Naturopath Physician Do For You?

With Naturopathic Medicine, the possibilities are endless on how good you can feel. In our center, you will be cared for with love, compassion and understanding, as a whole person, not just a sum of body parts. You will have one naturopathic doctor that will oversee your entire health profile and fine tune any part of you that feels mis-aligned or out of balance. When given a remedy, you will feel confident that it is going to help you and it is not just a trial or experiment to wait and see what happens. You will feel better day by day, week by week and we will not forget about you.

Where You Can Find a Natural Doctor or Naturopath

At the Center for Natural Healing in Aina Haina, your well-being is what makes our dynamic team of professionals excited to come to work each day. The smiles and appreciation you share as your life changes and your body comes back to life, is truly what we live for.
What are you working on this year?  How may we assist in making it more effortless, fun and permanent?
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