How the Wind can Transport Bacteria and Viruses

Jan 14, 2021

Hi there, I’m doctor Diana Joy Ostroff. Did you hear the wind last night? It was howling doors slamming it was amazing in fact the last three days there’s been so much wind. What’s so good about the wind is that according to traditional Chinese medicine wind brings change, potent change. Of course we always have choices so we can lean in to changes that are emphasizing fear and panic and worry about all the germs that exist on our planet which by the way have just shifted their location from hither to tiller with all this wind every submicroscopic particle in the universe outside of our bodies have shifted and moved to another place and even those inside our bodies continue to shift and reorient themselves depending on the internal environment we have within our bodies. 

Making the Right Choices in Our Lives

So our choices are to allow the wind to sway us in the direction of self healing, self love, and taking control of our choices and opportunities to heal now and forever. Or we let the wind just sway us the other direction towards fear and despair feeling like victims, victims who fall prey to the media and pharmaceutical industry. Those industries tell us there’s no cure when indeed nature is the cure. 

Being Aware of Your Decisions

In the 1800’s Charles Darwin theory of biological evolution stated that there will be survival of the fittest I don’t think he meant just those who go to the gym and keep their bodies lean though, that’s a big part of it. As long as ourselves are healthy, they don’t become the host to nasty viruses that are out of control. I don’t listen to the news I trust in nature, it’s to me the difference between eating an apple and eating an apple flavor pop tarts. So I rather get my food as close to the source as possible as well as my herbal medicines which I have in plenty in my dispensary, in my office with a lot of potent all natural, all organic, antiviral, anti aging designed to keep us well and our immune systems protected. 

Living Your Life to the Fullest

I Invite you to make the choices to lean in towards the option of taking control of your life, your thoughts, and your immune system. Im Dr. Diana Joy and I’m here to help with gentle guidance, reminders, and inspiration that you can be healthy even when it sounds like there’s an epidemic going on. I would really love to have you all in my hundred plus club someday so let’s start getting healthy now because I have a feeling that this is not the last virus we will be seeing in our lifetime. Let’s start getting strong and getting courageous and taking our power back, aloha.

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