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I’d like to share a bit about what you can expect during your First Visit:

At the Center for Natural Healing our lovely team will welcome you and truly care for you, each and every time you come to see us.

During your visit I will ask some personal questions:
-What is going on with your health, your life?
-What stresses you out and keeps you up at night?
-What is it that you truly wish to shift in the next 30, 60 or 90 days and what is your level of commitment to yourself to making that happen?

I will ask you questions, do some assessments, order the appropriate tests and diagnostics; and offer you a course of treatment and a treatment plan to guide your course toward success in health, wellness and a balanced life!

Initial Office Visits do include full Diagnostic Testing using methods of Traditional Chinese and Modern Medicine. They can also include spinal alignments, acupuncture, and acupressure as well depending on the patients’ needs.

If you are like most of our truly dedicated patients, you will see changes in your health:
improvement with elimination, digestion, energy, hormonal balance, mood; shifts in your weight and bloating within 4 days of your first visit.

Continued improvement occurs over the duration of your care, and the best news is that, we don’t stop there. I will be committed to your ongoing success in overcoming health problems for the rest of your life. Once you become a patient, we will be focused on your long-term wellness and will become your personal health consultant/concierge service, with custom designed plans to address all of your health needs and your families needs as you transform through the many stages of your life.
We would be honored to support you in any way that would truly make a difference for you and/or your loved ones in the area of health/happiness/vitality and longevity. I am so grateful for having been blessed with the education, training, skills, experience and passion to assist so many in life changing health transformations. Transformations that are personalized and designed to address the most significant concerns of those in need.

I would be grateful for the opportunity to connect with you by phone or in person to learn more about you, what you wish to work on this year and to share what is possible for you!
“Get Well & Stay Well”
Mahalo, Dr. Joy


Office Hours: 7:45 am – 6:30pm, Weekdays Only

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