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As an online naturopathic doctor, Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff believes in identifying and treating the underlying condition that may be leading to your dis-ease, rather than chasing the symptoms. Our goal for your health is to create balance, vitality, and restore the body’s healing capabilities through comprehensive naturopathic medicine.

Our naturopathic telemedicine services are designed to ensure you receive the holistic, personalized care you need, wherever you are. With our telemedicine offerings, distance is no longer a barrier to accessing a world-class naturopathic doctor, online.

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Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff, ND, DOM, L.Ac.

Board Certified Naturopathic Physician

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Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff

Degrees, Certifications, & Memberships

  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine – National College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Doctorate –  Oriental Medical Institute of Hawaii
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – University of Oregon and University of Delaware
  • Bachelor of Arts in Physical Educaton- University of Oregon
  • Diplomate, National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture
  • Member- American Association of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Member- Hawaii Society of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Member- Hawaii Acupuncture Association of Oriental Medicine
  • Member- American Association of Oriental Medicine
  • Member- Board of Examiners in Naturopathic Medicine- Past
  • Member- Advisory Board for the Life Healing Foundation
  • Member- Kokua Coop – Board of Directors, Membership Chair- Past

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff, a Board-Certified Naturopathic Doctor

With a rich educational background, spanning a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, a Doctorate from the Oriental Medical Institute of Hawaii, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Physical Education, and memberships in prestigious associations, Dr. Ostroff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice and patients.

Her personal health journey and the subsequent founding of the Center for Natural Healing in 1989 reflect her deep commitment to holistic, natural healthcare and treatment modalities. After successfully treating TENS of THOUSANDS of patients in her 30+ year career as a naturopathic physician, Dr. Dianna Joy Ostoff is now extending her expertise online, via virtual telehealth.

With our online naturopathic doctor consultations, we can ensure that you receive the best naturopathic care and natural medicine, regardless of location.

Online naturopathic consultations with Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff can be scheduled here.

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Our Online Naturopathic Medicine Services

In the modern world, where convenience is paramount, our naturopathic telemedicine services bring the wisdom and personalized care of renowned naturopathic physician, Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff right to your screen. Here’s an overview of the core naturopathy services you can expect through our telemedicine platform:

Initial Naturopathic Consultations

Embark on your holistic health journey with a thorough initial consultation. Our online doctor, Dr. Ostroff will closely analyze your medical history, symptoms, current health problems, health concerns, and wellness goals to craft a tailored health plan.

Online Follow-Up Appointments

Regular follow-ups are key to tracking your progress and making necessary adjustments to your wellness plan. These virtual online sessions ensure continuous support and guidance on your path to optimal health.

Dietary and Lifestyle Recommendations

Achieve a balanced state of health with dietary and lifestyle modifications that resonate with your personal circumstances and health aspirations.

Laboratory Ordering and Review

Receive comprehensive lab tests to better understand your health status. Dr. Ostroff will review your labs in follow-up appointments, providing clear insights and actionable advice.

Hormonal Balance Through Natural Medicine

Address hormonal imbalances with natural therapies, supplements, programs and expert guidance. Achieve hormonal harmony and enhance your overall vitality with our virtual consultations.

Personalized Health Plan

After an initial consultation, we will begin creating a tailored treatment plan that may include treatment modalities such as dietary modifications, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes depending on your health goals.

Herbal and Nutritional Counseling

Receive personalized herbal and nutritional advice based on your unique health needs. Discover natural remedies and nutritional supplements that can enhance your well-being.

Education on Natural Health and Naturopathic Medicine

Expand your understanding of natural health principles and how they apply to your life. Dr. Ostroff provides insightful education from her experience as a naturopathic doctor to empower you on your wellness journey.

Emotional Well-Being Support

Explore natural methods to manage stress, anxiety, and other emotional challenges. Achieve a balanced emotional state as part of your holistic health journey.

Chronic Condition Management

Receive expert support and natural care for managing chronic conditions. Our holistic approach aims at improving your quality of life and alleviating discomfort.

Personalized Naturopathic Care

Every service offered through our telemedicine platform is designed to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to your health. Under the compassionate and expert guidance of Doctor Diana Joy Ostroff, you’ll receive the support, education, and naturopathic medicine you need to thrive in health and in life.

Health ConcernsThat We Address With Natural Medicine and Naturopathy

Our telemedicine services, under the medical care of Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff, provide a holistic approach to a myriad of health concerns. Whether you’re facing chronic disease, or debilitating conditions, seeking preventive care, or striving for optimal wellness, our virtual, online consultations are designed to address a broad spectrum of health issues. Here are some of the health concerns we can address through our online naturopathic telemedicine services:

Digestive Disorders

Address issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), acid reflux, bloating, and other digestive ailments with natural therapies and dietary modifications.

Hormonal Imbalances

Seek balance for hormonal issues like thyroid disorders, adrenal fatigue, and hormonal transitions including menopause and andropause.

Immune System Support

Boost your immune system and resilience to illnesses through natural therapies, medicine, and lifestyle adjustments.

Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Discover natural remedies, supplements, and therapeutic exercises to manage chronic pain, inflammation, and improve your mobility.

Preventive Care and Wellness Optimization

Embrace a proactive approach to health care, focusing on preventive measures and optimizing your overall wellness for a vibrant, fulfilling life.

Women’s and Men’s Health

Address gender-specific health concerns and work towards achieving balanced wellness in all stages of life.

Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Explore natural approaches to managing stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional and mental health challenges.

Chronic Fatigue and Energy Issues

Uncover the root causes of chronic fatigue, low energy, and other related concerns, and receive personalized plans to rejuvenate your vitality.

Weight Management and Nutritional Counseling

Receive personalized guidance on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, along with naturopathic nutritional counseling to support your wellness goals.

Skin Conditions

Address skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis with holistic approaches that aim at healing from within. After all, the skin is a reflection of within.

Allergies and Sensitivities

Manage allergies and sensitivities through dietary modifications, supplements, and natural therapies that support your body’s responses.

And More!

Don’t see your health concern here? Reach out to us to see if we can help! Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff has helped thousands of patients overcome hundreds of various minor and major ailments.

Your Online Naturopath

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff’s extensive experience in naturopathic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, combined with her compassionate approach, provides a nurturing environment to address your health concerns holistically. Our telemedicine platform extends this personalized care, ensuring that no matter where you are, support on your journey to better health is accessible.

Our Holistic Approach to Bettering Your Health

At the heart of our practice under the experienced guidance of a naturopathic doctor, Diana Joy Ostroff is a holistic approach towards health care that transcends traditional symptom-based treatments. Our online practice is grounded in the belief that true health is a harmonious interaction of the mind, body, and spirit. Through our telemedicine services, we aim to extend this holistic care right to your doorstep, providing a comprehensive approach to bettering your health through mindful healing.

Our holistic methodology begins with a thorough understanding of your unique health circumstances, lifestyle, and personal wellness goals. Dr. Ostroff meticulously crafts a personalized wellness plan that addresses not just the symptoms but the underlying causes of your illness and health concerns. This individualized, holistic approach ensures that your path to wellness is as unique as you are.

Central to our approach is the incorporation of time-tested, proven natural therapies, remedies, and principles of naturopathic medicine. Dr. Ostroff, with her extensive knowledge in naturopathic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, provides personalized herbal and nutritional counseling. These natural interventions work in harmony with your body’s innate healing mechanisms, promoting a more balanced state of health.

Education is a pillar of our holistic approach. We believe that empowering you with the knowledge about your body and its interaction with natural elements fosters a sustainable path to wellness. Through our telemedicine services, we provide insightful education on dietary and lifestyle modifications that can significantly enhance your health and overall well-being.

Moreover, we acknowledge the importance of emotional and spiritual well-being in achieving optimal health. Our holistic approach extends to providing support and guidance in managing stress, cultivating a positive mindset, and embracing practices that nourish the soul.

Honestly, Dr. Ostroff is an amazing naturopathic. I found the Center for Natural Healing online and I reached out to her, hoping and praying she would be able to work with me remotely from California. Within hours after reaching out, Dr. Ostroff reviewed my symptoms and told me she was confident she could work with me to heal the ailments that I had been suffering from my entire life. No doctor had ever said that to me before! Within a month of working with her, my extreme gastrointestinal pain disappeared, my skin cleared up and I lost 15 pounds! Absolutely incredible results. My friends and family were shocked at how different I was looking and feeling. I wasn’t constantly tired, I didn’t need two cups of coffee to get me through the day. I was eating well and following the protocol and seeing real changes in my health. I highly recommend Dr. Ostroff to anyone who is ready to put time into their health. I learned the hard way that by putting a bandaid on my health problems for many years with medicines, I actually worsened my symptoms and further inflamed my gut. However, Dr. Ostroff taught me how to cure my body from the inside. I am so grateful for her continued teaching, mentorship, and guidance!”

Gabrielle S.

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Dr. Ostroff’s telemedicine services are a testimony to her adaptability and unwavering commitment to providing holistic, personalized care to all.

At the Center for Natural Healing, we offer online appointments via telehealth telemedicine with Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff. As one of the few naturopathic physicians offering telemedicine services, Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff has the expertise that allows her to help patients living in remote places get back to a state of Optimal Health.

This process will identify the causes of your symptoms, pain or underlying issue. Recommendations will be made for additional testing, medicinal remedies (provided by the Center for Natural Healing) and/or necessary treatments.

For inquiries or to schedule your telemedicine appointment, fill out the form here.

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