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Since 1989 Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff has been providing her patients with a comprehensive natural healthcare system on Oahu that is safe, natural and effective. With her 33 years of experience in holistic medicine, naturopathic medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff has assisted thousands of Hawai’i residents discover optimal health & wellness.

As a naturopathic doctor in Honolulu, Hawaii, Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff believes in identifying and treating the underlying condition which may be leading to your dis-ease, rather than chase symptoms. Our goal for your health is to create balance, vitality, and restore the body’s healing capabilities.

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October 4, 2023

functional medicine vs naturopath

Naturopathy vs Functional Medicine: What Are the Differences and Similarities?

In today's healthcare landscape, patients and practitioners alike are seeking medical approaches and treatments that address the root causes of illness and offer comprehensive, personalized solutions. Two such paradigms that have garnered significant attention are naturopathic and functional medicine....
Homeopathic Remedy for Sore Throat

Homeopathic Remedy for Sore Throat

Homeopathic Remedy for Sore Throat Sore throats can be a nagging ailment, often heralding the onset of a common cold or signifying other underlying conditions. While conventional treatments offer relief, homeopathy provides a unique, holistic approach. By...

The Principles of Naturopathic Medicine & Naturopathy

The Principles of Naturopathic Medicine & Naturopathy

The Principles of Naturopathic Medicine Naturopathic medicine and naturopathic physicians operate on a unique set of guiding naturopathic principles. These naturopathic principles, steeped in both tradition and modern understanding, lay the foundation for how...

Your Skin Is a Reflection of What Is Within

Your Skin Is a Reflection of What Is Within

Your Skin Is a Reflection of What Is Within During the past several years, I have noticed a trend with my patients. Almost inevitably, while they may be coming to see me for allergy or asthma relief, anxiety or stress, depression, or digestive complaints, there exists...

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Success Stories

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Fatigue, Worsening PMS symptoms

*I always thought I was healthy. I exercise daily, eat raw organic foods, juice and take vitamins. I am 39 and was feeling really tired. I thought I was too young to be feeling like this. I found myself to be drinking more and more coffee just to get through my work...

Patient for 23 years!

*This review is way overdue.  Been a client of Dr. Joy for 23 years!  Got an appointment every 2-3 months or sooner if needed.  I've been blessed with good naturopathic advice and care so my visits are primarily for health maintenance (assessment, adjustments and...

suffering from a parasite

*I have ms and have been suffering from a parasite as well. I have been trying to self medicate for years.  I am finally reaching out to someone with knowledge in how to heal my body. It has only been a week of treatment, but I feel leaps and bounds better. The...

High Blood Pressure

*When I first came to Dr Ostroff back in July, I had a high blood pressure of 149, and was on various BP medications. She in little under a month, got me down to 129/91 but her expertise has really helped me with all of my health issues; and I feel I have improved...

Extreme Fatigue

*I decide to try the Center for Natural Healing after extreme fatigue was unmanageable. I could not function, I couldn't concentrate at work, I was exhausted all the time. I though it was adrenal imbalance which I had in the past. To my surprise, Dr Ostroff was able...

health is improving FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

*Dr. Joy Ostroff and her entire staff are AMAZING! They genuinely care about the health and concerns of every patient that walks through their door! Dr. Joy looks at every aspect of your health to get down to the root of all things that may be toxic; she then gets you...

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