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We Offer Consultations and Programs direct utilizing Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Video Call or even by Phone.

If you do not live on the Island of Oahu or cannot make it to the Center for Natural Healing, but are interested in receiving treatments or recommendations from Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff, we can still assist you. At the Center for Natural Healing, we offer appointments via Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Video Call and Phone calls with Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff. She has great expertise that allows her to help patients living in remote places get back to a state of Optimal Health. This process will identify the causes of your symptoms, pain or underlying issue. Recommendations will be made for additional testing, medicinal remedies (provided by the Center for Natural Healing) and/or necessary treatments.

To schedule your Phone/Skype Consulation give us a call today at 808-373-9966.

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Patient Testimonial ~

“Honestly, Dr. Ostroff is an amazing naturopathic. I found the Center for Natural Healing online and I reached out to her, hoping and praying she would be able to work with me remotely from California. Within hours after reaching out, Dr. Ostroff reviewed my symptoms and told me she was confident she could work with me to heal the ailments that I had been suffering from my entire life. No doctor had ever said that to me before! Within a month of working with her, my extreme gastrointestinal pain disappeared, my skin cleared up and I lost 15 pounds! Absolutely incredible results. My friends and family were shocked at how different I was looking and feeling. I wasn’t constantly tired, I didn’t need two cups of coffee to get me through the day. I was eating well and following the protocol and seeing real changes in my health. I highly recommend Dr. Ostroff to anyone who is ready to put time into their health. I learned the hard way that by putting a bandaid on my health problems for many years with medicines, I actually worsened my symptoms and further inflamed my gut. However, Dr. Ostroff taught me how to cure my body from the inside. I am so grateful for her continued teaching, mentorship, and guidance!”

– Gabrielle (San Francisco, CA)