Anxiety Treatment in Honolulu, HI

Our anxiety treatment in Honolulu, HI addresses the root cause of anxiety rather than solely addressing the symptoms. At our clinic, we treat anxiety naturally, through a combination of evidence-based treatments and rigorous diagnostic testing.

We approach Honolulu anxiety treatment holistically, considering both mental and physical factors as well as hormonal, nutritional, environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors so that we can see the full picture and provide a personalized, tailored anxiety treatment program that enables the patient to get our of anxiety, worry, and fear and back into a life of joy and abundance.

  • We treat the root cause of anxiety. Not just symptoms.
  • Rigorous hormonal, nutrition, and general biomarker diagnostic testing.
  • Personalized treatment plan. No one-size-fits-all anxiety protocols.
  • We use natural modalities. Not mind-altering medications.


Our Unique Approach to Anxiety Treatment in Honolulu, HI

Our Honolulu anxiety treatment and management considers the patient’s mind, body, and soul. We take a broader view of treating anxiety encompassing personal beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and nutritional, hormonal, and lifestyle factors.

Rather than offer temporary solutions or a quick fix to treat anxiety through sedating or mind-altering medications, we aim to treat the more significant issues surrounding anxiety by addressing mental, physical, and lifestyle factors that may enable anxiety or allow it to build.

Our anxiety management aims to address unpleasant emotions or states of being induced by stress, anxiety, or fear by first increasing self-awareness, teaching techniques to develop inner peace, and improving overall health.

We help patients identify the root of their anxiety, and then apply the appropriate relief mechanisms and treatments to create lasting changes.

This typically involves teaching the patient anxiety management tools and supporting the overall health and function of the body through the appropriate hormonal, nutritional, or lifestyle adjustments.

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Anxiety Treatment Reviews: See What Our Patients Say

With hundreds of reviews from across the web and thousands of patients treated at our clinic, we are proud to help our patients get well and stay well.

“All of the anxiety that I have felt right here for literally my entire adult life is gone”

“I feel more calm and less stressed”

“I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much.”

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotional state characterized by feelings of fear, dread, and uneasiness, often accompanied by physical symptoms such as sweating, restlessness, tension, and rapid heartbeat.

It can arise as a normal response to stressful situations, like challenges at work, academic tests, significant decisions, and even past trauma.

While a small amount of anxiety and stress can used to motivate us or give us a boost of energy, constant anxiety can spiral into constant worry and become overwhelming.

What is a Anxiety disorder?

An anxiety disorder is a mental health condition characterized by excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. These disorders often involve repeated episodes of sudden feelings of intense anxiety and fear or terror that reach a peak within minutes (panic attacks).

Unlike normal anxiety triggered by specific stressors, anxiety disorders last at least six months and can interfere with daily activities, such as job performance and relationships.

There are various types of anxiety disorders with some being more common than others. The following are the 6 most common anxiety disorders:

  • Phobias
  • Social anxiety disorder (social anxiety)
  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Panic disorder (panic attacks)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)


Symptoms & Warning Signs of Anxiety Disorders

Each anxiety disorder can have its own unique set of symptoms. However, most anxiety disorders will have a combination of similar cognitive, physical, and behavioral symptoms that significantly impact daily functioning. Some of the common symptoms are as follows:

  • Persistent anxious thoughts.
  • Difficulty controlling worrisome thoughts that are disproportionate to the actual danger or stressor.
  • Physical symptoms which may include a rapid or pounding heartbeat, unexplained aches and pains, dizziness, and shortness of breath.
  • Behavioral changes such as notable avoidance of routine activities previously engaged in.

It’s important to note that an anxiety disorder, unlike occasional anxiety, is enduring, often escalating over time, and significantly hinders one’s ability to function normally in daily life.

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The Benefits of Our Anxiety Treatment and Natural Therapy

When anxiety is left unaddressed, it can escalate into more severe mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety disorders, impacting an individual’s ability to function in daily life. This progression can lead to increased risk of physical health problems, strained relationships, and diminished overall quality of life.

While some may be able to ‘tough out’ anxiety, the underlying issue oftentimes remains.

We help our patients address the root cause so that they may return to a life that is more aligned with who they want to be, not bogged down by constant worry, fear, or isolation.

Our natural anxiety treatment helps patients reclaim their minds, emotions, and personal power.

Here are some of the benefits of our anxiety treatment in Honolulu:

  • Improved emotional stability and mood
  • Improved self-awareness
  • Learn the tools for sustained mental well-being
  • Regained self-confidence
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Reduced feelings of worry and fear
  • Improve relationships with friends and family


Why Choose Us for Anxiety Treatment on Oahu

At our clinic, we provide a diverse selection of natural treatments and therapeutic modalities, complemented by some of the latest health technologies, all aimed at healing our patients through various approaches.

While most treatment plans will vary from person to person, patients can expect treatment plans that will include some of the following:


Addressing the gut microbiome


Addressing lifestyle factors


Herbal remedies and adaptogen herbs




Mindfulness and other stress relief techniques


Meditation practices


Self-awareness exercises and thought tools


Acupuncture, IV therapy, Ozone therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, and more. View all treatment modalities here.

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Meet Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff works closely with her patients to assess their symptoms and create specialized programs tailored to their needs.

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff from Honolulu, Hawaii, studied psychology for six years at both the University of Delaware and the University of Oregon, graduating with honors with a B.A. in psychology. This education, plus her psychotherapy training and experience with clinical psychology, hypnotherapy, meditation, prayer, and affirmation work give her a host of tools to draw from when working with patients to assist them in moving through areas in their lives where they feel stuck. Find more information about Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff here.

  • Over 35 years of experience
  • Board-certified naturopathic physician
  • Thousands of patients’ lives changed


About the Center for Natural Healing Hawaii

At the Center for Natural Healing Hawaii, our expertise lies in holistic and alternative approaches to health, with a special emphasis on treating anxiety. By concentrating on the root causes rather than just alleviating symptoms, we offer a comprehensive pathway to wellness.

With more than 30 years of experience, we have proudly supported a diverse array of patients from around the world in overcoming their health challenges, including those struggling with anxiety, helping them achieve lasting well-being.

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